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The easy and best ways to be happy in our lives

Updated on June 8, 2016

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Happiness! What a wonderful word which refers to a positive amazing feeling. Happiness is the spring of the heart. It is one of the top positive feelings any heart can experience. I think every person in this world seeks happiness by one way or another. Honestly who doesn't want to be happy? Since we get up in the morning till we sleep and all of us seek happiness. We think if we will have that job, marry that person, travel to that destination, and wear that clothes and extra will make us happy. Happiness doesn't come through a possession that we have or through social relationships like marriage or friendship. Each of these can add up to our happiness but true happiness comes from inside not from outside. Change what you usually do to change the result. Do not tie your happiness to external events but firstly seek it from inside. Most of the successful people are those who are happy and content about their lives.

Believe in God: search for God in your heart. There is no a more powerful way to be happy than in believing in God. Believing in God make you connected to the owner of happiness and tranquillity. God indeed is the most merciful and most gracious. Being close to God spiritually make us sincerely happy and content from the bottom of our hearts. There are many studies have showed that religious people are deeply happy and enjoying good health. When you believe in God you submit yourself to Him and His super power. By Knowing that God’s super power would take care of you if you face any hardship. Religious people tend to be more content about the quality of their lives. They enjoy tranquillity inside them which is very important and seriously happiness starts from the hearts.


Personal Concentration: Actually happiness is a decision that you should make if you have intention to be. Happy people generally focus on the positive things in their lives. What you focus on in your daily basis really matters to either become a happy or an unhappy person. Unhappy person can become happy if he/she only shifts his/her focus to positive things in life. We all experience positive and bad things in our daily basis and that are absolutely normal and healthy, but the key point is to not let the life's negative wave lasts too long. Let the positive waves are the longest. The habit of happy people is that they usually focus on the positive things rather than the bad things that happen to them. It doesn't mean that the happy people never feel negative .Of course they do, but they do not stay on negative ones for long. In other words we should change our actions to change our results. It's not the other way around. Always stay around positive happy people. If you know a negative close person then always try to avoid staying with him alone as he/she would get all of his negativity directed to you and would drain your positive emotions. Always meet him/her in a group of people as that would diffuse his/her negativity.

Exercise: Happy people usually exercise. Exercise releases endorphins in our bodies which are hormones that function as sedatives. Endorphins boost mood, reduce stress, diminish depression and anxiety and improve sleep. Endorphins are addictive in which at each time we would exercise more to release more endorphins in our bodies. One of the moderate exercises are biking, dancing, gardening, jogging, housework such vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, swimming, walking, aerobics, tennis, yoga and etc…. You can exercise with a close friend or a partner for more social activity and motivation.

Keep yourself busy: Happy people are busy people but not rushing at the same time. They tend to get out of their comfort zone but not too much to feel overwhelmed, so they keep themselves busy to some extent. According to a study said that the very busy people feel miserable as well as the absolutely free people. The most important thing is to choose to do the amusing useful things and avoid the not useful ones.

5 Close relationships: according to a study 60% of people who have 5 or more close relationships with people say that they are very happy. Close relationships with people make people live longer with a high quality of life.

Always follow your passion: many people regret that they didn't follow their passion when they become old. They wish if they have listened enough and paid more attention to their unfulfilled dreams. The habit of the most of the happy people is that they always do what they are passionate about. Discover your life's passion now if you still don't know it. It's never late to redirect yourself to do what you love the most.

Live the life to the fullest: Go out with your friends, meet new people, laugh a lot, live a simple life, be open minded, forgive, enjoy your life, give and take, love your family and friends, travel to nice destinations. And the most important thing is to live life full of love and hope.

Please write below what makes you feel happy and over the moon and share this hub with your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter, many thanks

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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Jamaica

      One of the best ways to be happy to me is to start by loving yourself and accepting who you are.