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Pregnancy Week Ten

Updated on November 8, 2011

Welcome to Week ten of pregnancy! This week, your baby has grown to the size of a prune. He or she now has little indents on his legs which will become his or her knees and ankles. Your little one also has little elbows on his or her arms that can now bend! Your baby has little teeth buds developing under his or her gums and their stomach and kidneys are beginning to kick into gear (your baby can pee!). Not to mention, if your little one is a boy, he's already producing testosterone! What a week!

Poor mom is still dealing with the hormones though. Your body hasn't changed on the outside much as you probably haven't popped yet. However, by now your uterus is almost the size of a grapefruit! You also may be experiencing a new symptom - constipation! Another little gift from your pregnancy hormones. Trust me, they may not be working in your favor, but they're definitely helping your baby out. Remember that next time you mumble about how much you hate those hormones.

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How's Mom Doing?

Right now, your uterus has gone from a pear to a grapefruit in just ten weeks! It's possible that you may notice some thickening in your middle but it won't be much. Most women do not begin to pop until about fourteen weeks. It's most likely not quite time for maternity clothes, though you might start feeling a little snug in your current clothes. I'll give you some advice later on in this hub for that!

Also, your hormones have thrown a new symptom at you this week - constipation. It's entirely possible that you might feel a bit "clogged" starting this week. Some women (like myself) are fortunate enough to not have this symptom, but many other women (my sister included) are not so lucky. The reason you're experiencing constipation is because the hormones cause the smooth muscles in the large bowel to slow down. There's a few things that can help with that constipation which I will discuss shortly.

One more thing - you might start seeing some new veins scattered about your legs, breasts and even your stomach. This is due to the fact that your body is producing more blood. During pregnancy your body produces about a half gallon of extra blood a day!

What's Going on With Your Baby?

This week, your baby has grown about another half of an inch. Week ten also begins the fetal period, a very big milestone in his or her development. Your little one's organs will mature much quicker now.

Right now, his or her kidneys, liver, heart and intestines are building tissue and their little toenails and fingernails are beginning to form, as well as some hair! His little limbs are able to twist and bend now, as his joints are rapidly developing. This is also the week when your munchkin will start to swallow and kick! However you won't feel those little kicks just yet.

A great thing to mention about this week is that your baby has reached a point where he or she is less likely to get certain birth defects or malformations. Still, certain toxins will continue to be a threat to your baby's development. Certain toxins like that in cigarettes for example.

Suggestions and Advice for Week Ten

So at week ten, you're probably not ready for maternity clothes. However, you still might be feeling a little snug in your clothes. You can look for clothes that are flowing or have elastic waistbands. For now these will make up for the little bit of growth that you'll experience the next few weeks. However by about fourteen or fifteen weeks you should start looking for some maternity clothes as most women generally begin to pop at around this time. You do not want to wait till your seven months pregnant! Tight clothes are a no-no when you're pregnant as they can cut off your already weakening circulation and worsen symptoms such as itching.

Suggestion 1
Constipation quite a common symptom in pregnancy as I said. There is a lot you can do to help prevent and relieve this symptom though. For one thing, steer clear of anything that can bind you up, like cheese, rice, refined breads, etc.). Another thing that can help is to eat lots of fiber, whole grains, fresh and/or dried fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It may seem like a diet for a rabbit but it will help with the "clogging". Also, water and 100% fruit juices are gems when you have constipation. Drink up! Lastly, some exercise can help get things moving inside as well. If all else fails, call your doctor. Do not try any medicines, laxatives, or herbal remedies without your physician's say-so.

Suggestion 2
Exercise - everyone's got their own opinions of it. I personally hate it and limit it to things like walking or other light activities. However, some activity is important for pregnant women. Morning sickness and fatigue can easily hinder this, still it's important to try. Some activities that are popular among pregnant ladies are swimming, walking and/or light stretching. Another thing that you won't hear from a doctor or read on any website or book is playing video games. Odd right? But with the invention of the Wii, we now see certain games that make you get up and move. Wii sports, Wii sports resort and Just Dance are great options for pregnant woman who aren't keen on exercise, but still need to be active. Just remember, don't overdo it. It's easy to forget that when you're having fun. Exercise and activity help you build muscle tone, strength and endurance which will all help you during labor. So it's important to find a way to be active. If you're still unsure, discuss it with your doctor. He or she may be able to help you come up with an exercise plan.

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