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Weight Loss Diets Don't Work

Updated on June 8, 2014

Weight Loss Diets Don't Work

Weightloss Diets Don't Work
Weightloss Diets Don't Work | Source

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Truth be know that weight loss diets dont work , yet weight loss solutions do . this is a powerful statement , and true.Weight Loss solutions are what are needed in this vastly populated world of Hunger Busters and diet fanatics, and I am here to inform you of some Weight Loss Solutions. To achieve any form of Weight loss solution , you will have to put all your former knowledge about weight gain in the past such as The Obesity experts are wrong according to Award-winning science journalist Gary Taubes. Mr. Taubes goes to explain in the fact that why are we all so large, the title to his new book ,"Why We Get Fat -and What TO Do About It.

His weight loss solution is simple , Mr. Taubes goes to explain that experts have gotten the whole fat ,obesity thing wrong.the weight loss solution from his research shows that fat isn't the enemy that is making some obese, it's the carbohydrates which is the terror. Mr. Taubes has stirred up quite a bit of controversy with his theories , for he is obese himself and studied applied physics at Harvard and aerospace engineering at Stamford and has won several awards for his accomplishments. The last 5 years he has conducted a series of experiments he has compelled researchers to re-think their ideas on low-carbohydrates intake diets.This has stirred so much controversy that his ideas are just being called a hypothesis as to why we get fat. The weight loss solution of Mr. Taubes is being called radical thinking because of his theories on diets.

Mr. Tauns goes on to say what we have all been told about intake of fat we take in more calories than we can expand,in other words we eat too much and don't get enough exercise is foolishness, that is not the reason why our wight loss solutions are not working, He goes on to say that if I get fatter than I must have over eaten, the question is why did you overeat he goes on to explain, and answer well I just did. The main question he brings up to theorize his talk is why did I overeat, getting to the core reason.You don't get fat from over eating he talks on you get fat because you have developed a disorder in the way fat tissue is regulated in the system of our bodies.

In studying on weight loss solutions , for the past 40 years we have shown that you can't get a significant effect from weight loss from cutting calories, Mr Taubes goes on to say that experts say ,"We really Don't have a diet that does work".He refers to the digestive bariatric surgery most people will have that alters your digestive system, the only reasonable solution to weight loss. So weight loss solutions as a whole is not doomed, there are surgeries , yet obese people have spent their lives trying to eat less with no results, again Dies just don't work. The definition of an Obese person is one that eating less just didn't have an effect on his body fat, therefore he is whom he is.The weight loss solution is not going to be your doctor whom tells you to eat less , because it won't work. When you cut calories your apt to be more hungry, even studies in animals suggest this fact that if calories are restricted form their diet cells actually burn less energy than if they were to eat normally.So weight loss solutions is not in restricting calories because that's ineffective goes on to what Mr. Taubes has researched.

HMr. Taubes goes on to say that public health regulators still tell us to cut down on calories,yet there is no definitive number you can go bu and as per above you just get hungrier,and the cycle continues.He goes on to say that exercising will not keep you thin and I know that is true,because the more energy you burn working out makes you get hungry, so were at a mouse and cheese type situation with weight loss solutions it would seem.

Some of the suggestions are to try not to limit fat, because eating high energy fat foods keeps one from feeling deprived, to do away with Carbs, pasta bread and rice to name a few.The other suggestions to weight loss solutions is to be picky on the types of vegetables , especially the ones grown underground because of the starch.Fruit be wary of, as opposed to what we all have been told contain hidden sugars and to stay away form fruit juices, yet diet drinks as soda's light beer,dry wine, and sugar-free sweets keep them in front of your grocery list.This weight loss solution doesn't sound half bad and eat as much as you want when it comes to protein and fat, and to stop eating when your full is the answer.

A Low Carb diet is key to helping you out to weight loss solutions, yet there are some foods and drinks that can help you lose weight and Mr. Taubes goes on to say that you take a way the Sweets , which are the worst on your weight along with Coca-cola and fruit juice are the heavyweights because refined carbohydrates raise your insulin level up. Insulin regulates your fat tissue, and this increases obesity. There has been a lot said in his article in Readers Digest about his comments on obesity and I think he makes sense

Th e last few comments he goes on to say is that high fat is very good for your heart, and if you are obese, its not your fault,He goes on to say morally fat people have been the target of Doctors and the lean people because of a lack of control in their eating habits, yet this sems not to be the case ,and morally it's wrong.Mr. Taubes goes on to say that weight loss solutions, can include getting rid of carbohydrates which might make you lean. He goes on to warn if you do start getting rid of carbohydrates to do it slowly as your energy level will slow down as well, and adding salt or bouillon to your diet can help this out.

To sum up the Weight Loss Solution, is to get rid of your Coca-Cola"s and your sweets eat fat all you want and to cut back on fruits and go ahead and have a light beer and a glass of dry wine, there is no problem with your obesity and there is little that can be done, so don't be disouraged and it's not your fault.

One little item I will put into this, is I drink lots of diet Coca Cola and its for the taste, I heard that the recipe for Coca Cola may have leaked out on the Internet, It makes me wonder what the secret formula is if its such a weight gainer? Just my Comment on my own article.

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