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Weight Loss Through Deprivation Healthy?

Updated on June 8, 2011

A Picture of Tranquility

Is Deprivation The Silver Bullet To Weight Loss?

Q. Do you know of any way I could lose weight and stick to the plan without dreading it? It seems like every time I go through the diet process it’s boring, grueling and depressing. I’m gaining more weight instead of losing, this is very frustrating. I usually quit trying to lose weight for long periods of time and then begin to think about unsafe diet short cuts. Is there any way to lose fat other than to deprive yourself from the foods you love and grueling exercise?

A. I like you hate to diet for weight loss, let alone starting one that requires me to deprive my body of healthy and good tasting foods to achieve results. All deprivation diets require a lot of will power which slowly reduces morale, creates depression and ultimately failure for most. I much prefer a weight management program that includes healthy eating and fun activity, not deprivation dieting and grueling exercise like you see recommended by many published health experts. A lot of health experts have no ideal on how to customize a healthy body, mind and spirit management solution that will meet every health profile.

Our societal gatherings usually involve consuming foods like every other culture. To follow a diet plan that excludes cultural or certain types of foods is simply ridiculous. After all, we’re talking total calorie input here. A diet plan followed to the letter that would prevent one from socializing at gatherings simply because they don’t have the will power not to eat certain foods is ridiculous. In this event, deprivation diet plans do not promote a very positive experience and threatens non-participation in important cultural-social and family experiences. Also deprivation diets for most will only create a state of anxiety, panic and depression. For those that have wrestled with weight problems all their lives, “family and social gatherings that involve food are a big deal.” Those that have not dealt with obesity in their lives have a hard time relating to traditional social eating habits and what food deprivation has on one’s psyche. Everyone requires comfort in this life, for most comfort food boosts morale and staves depression. Balanced food consumption and healthy food choices are a big part in succeeding in any weight management program.

Following a diet plan that deprives your body of healthy balanced meals can create an ill-health condition. What impacts are you having on your mind, body and spirit through deprivation dieting? I will list the top 10 health risk associated with deprivation dieting; however there are many more negative health impacts when unhealthy fad diets, diet pills, or starvation diets are applied to reduce weight quickly.

  1. Deprivation of foods we love or need only makes you want to cheat on your diet loss plan that much more with failed results.
  2. Not consuming nutrients from all food groups will leave you feeling un-energized coupled with more sedentary behavioral patterns, low immune system, etc. leading to other ill-health conditions.
  3. Greater loss of will power due to repeat weight loss failures will leave you more prone to look for other unsafe fad diet solutions, seeking the silver bullet will further risk your health.
  4. People tend to isolate themselves from others to avoid social gatherings where there will be tempting foods – Circle of family and friends isolation will further erode morale, well-being, and increase depression through isolation.
  5. Extreme mood changes typically causes acute -chronic depression which also has a direct impact on ill-health (psychosomatic) mind-body ill-health condition.
  6. Most deprivation diets fail and body weight returns with a vengeance solidifying failure, loss of will power, decreased self-esteem.
  7. Increase body fat and decreased muscle mass as a result of fad dieting, or deprivation results in slower, or broken metabolism.
  8. Risky diet plans can create behavioral patterns considered as OCB (Obsessive Compulsive Behavior) traits. OCB traits are bad for your overall body, mind, soul, family and circle of friends, etc.
  9. Brain function suffers, or does not perform optimally. Nutrient reduction impacts cognitive, mood and physiological functions.
  10. Sleep patterns becomes irregular, impacting well-being exposing you to other ill-health possibilities.

To get to the meat of this issue one must do a few things as we manage, or reduce weight while enjoying the foods we love.  I don’t use diet here, because to me this is too restrictive in tone, doesn’t apply my healthy life balanced principles and has a negative connotation with regard to good health. Instead I like to focus on how can I manage my weight without giving up quality and good tasting foods while socializing or daily food consumption. To learn more about balanced weight management recommendations, visit my profile and click to my site link and visit the health repository.  Search under weight management, weight loss, diet to become more informed on healthy weight reduction management. 


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