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Weird Exercise Gear and Equipment - Very Strange, Great Gift Idea

Updated on July 7, 2016
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Dr John applies his Biochemistry & Physiology research background (PhD) to develop reviews of exercises, training, run, walk, workouts, gym

There are some fabulously funny and weird exercise gear and equipment out there that makes a wonderful gift idea for people who have everything.

Some truly amazing inventions such as the treadmill bike so you can jog while cycling on your way to work.

There's the cordless skipping rope and the balance beam that is only inches off the ground.

There's the Hawaii chair designed to allow you to hula your way to fitness.

There are also many wonderful devices from the past and present for losing weight and getting fit.

Learn more about these amazing inventions.


The Amazing Hula Chair

The Hawaii or Hula Chair is designed to allow you to exercise in your chair at home or in your office. It is designed to hep you lose weight from your buttocks, thighs and waist by swiveling at the hips It is convenient and easy to use.

The Ground Level Exercise Beam

Why risk serious injury when practicing summersaults and leaps on balance beam suspended on space when you can do it only inches of the ground.

What an amazing invention for those aiming for fame in Olympic Gymnastics.

The Cordless Skipping Rope

The problem with skipping is quite frankly 'The Rope'. How many time have you bashed your legs or tripped over as it became tangled around your legs. Its so inconvenient having to time your jumps to the invisible cord whirring through space.

Have you ever hit innocent passer-bys who stepped up close for a conversation?

Well this device is the solution - the cordless skipping rope. You can count your swings and get all the exercise you need, anywhere, anytime without stressing about the cord!

The AB Lounge

Have you found those advertisements for building you abs machines resemble torture devices?

Quite frankly they are disgusting and designed for muscle bound nimble types born and bred in the gym. Good News! You can buy the little lounge exerciser that is a great way to get into shape, building those abs by doing sit ups while relaxing watching TV, videos or listening to your favorite music watching the world go by.

These devices are so attractive and fit discreetly into living room - nothing like the stainless steel torture devices advertised on TV that are so unbecoming to be ridiculous.

The Treadmill Bike

Have you ever wanted to get a quality treadmill workout outdoors away from the smelly and steamy gym environment and use your effort for something. Well here is the answer - The Treadmill Bike.

It is fun for the whole family. An adjustable resistance knob means that the user can adjust the workload to suit their strength and desired workout intensity.

The Treadmill Bike is a genuine mode of transport - ride it to work, school or office. Buy several bikes so that the whole family can enjoy exercising together.

Some models have a dog treadmill attachment!

Why pedal when you can have all the benefits of an ergonomic stepper build into a bike.

The stepping action actually propels the bike forward.

Why sit down when you are riding?

You consume much more energy by standing up all the time.

You known how tired you get standing up in the pedals, and how dangerous it is.

Well this is the solution as you stand on broad elongated platforms fitted with non-slip rubber coatings.

The bikes come with 7-gears for increased speed and fro climbing hills.

Who Invented the Gym and Started the Masochistic Craze for Bizarre Exercise Contraptions?

We can probably blame Gustav Zander, a physician and orthopaedist from Swedish.

His life was devoted to developing therapeutic form of exercise for men wearing suits and ties and woman wearing formal attire.

He started work in the early 1800’s, and he established the Zander Institute in England. He and his colleagues developed 27 machines for his own use and for his growing number of devotees wanting to alleviate various illnesses and to achieve a higher level of fitness.

Zander is also well known for developing early forms of “therapeutic massage.”

Many of his machines and other inspired by his concepts are shown below.



© 2013 Dr. John Anderson


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