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Welcome Back Fat!

Updated on June 9, 2017

People have been getting rid of fat for ages. We totally eliminated fat from our diet. But did you know that fat can help you lose weight? This is a startling revelation expressed by most health experts. This is because fat can help you feel fuller longer making it easier for you to lose weight. The fatty foods that we have always avoided such as mayonnaise, butter, and dairy are no longer off limits. Let us first start with mayonnaise. In France, mayonnaise was the go to sandwich spread in 1756. When France defeated Britain during the war, mayonnaise was their celebratory food. It arrived in America in 1903. According to Julia Collin Davidson, in the beginning, mayonnaise was made of eggs, oil, vinegar, and lemon juice. In the 80's, most of the major components were gone. Oil was taken out of the mayo and replaced it with sugar, cornstarch, xantham gum making it unhealthy. The oil was taken out that's why it had no flavor. Nowadays, mayonnaise is made of eggs, oil, vinegar, and lemon. These are the right components of a real mayonnaise. This wonder food has a lot of uses. Mayonnaise can be used as a salad dressing. You could make your own salad dressing with the use of mayonnaise, cilantro, garlic, cheese, grilled corn. Mix all the ingredients and you now have a Mexican corn spread. Mayonnaise can also be used as a coating for meat. Just mix panko bread crumbs, unsalted butter, mayonnaise and dip it into your fillets or chicken strips. With all these information, how can you find the best mayonnaise? What kind of mayonnaise should you buy in the grocery? According to Davidson, a real mayonnaise consists of 2 egg yolks, canola oil, dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt, white pepper, and sugar. Davidson said, the more oil it has, the thicker the mayonnaise. We often come across the terms whip dressing. Now is it safe to eat? A whip dressing contains 65% oil by weight. If it's less than 65%, then it is not a whip dressing. This became popular during the Depression era because it's filled with sugar. Some mayonnaise have olive oil. Health experts concluded that the more olive oil the mayonnaise contains, the more fat it has. There are some products that are considered "Alternative Mayonnaise"

One of them is avocado mayonnaise. It contains avocado oil, non-saturated fat. Another kind of mayonnaise that health buffs consume is the vegan mayonnaise. This mayo doesn't have eggs. They have a basic ingredient called "aquafaba". In layman's terms, it's the liquid from chickpeas. When you open a can of chickpeas, liquid comes out and that's what they use in making the mayo.

Some people have eliminated dairy from their diet. It was discovered that if you consume full fat dairy such as whole milk, yogurt, and cheese, you weigh less than those who skip dairy. Skim milk has cream on top. To help keep you full longer, take the cream out of the skim milk. You can drink skim milk with an empty stomach. This will make you feel full longer.

Who doesn't love butter? We love spreading butter on corn and bread. We put butter on our popcorn during movie nights. According to Dan Pashman, there are alternatives to the regular butter that people often consume. These are coconut butter and ghee. We often see on the labels on a tub of butter the terms "spreadable", "cultured". But what do they actually mean?

Cultured butter contains probiotics. It is good for digestive health.

Ghee which is also known as Indian butter, is considered brown butter. This doesn't have milk solids, The lactose is removed and it lowers cholesterol. It has vitamins A, D, K.

Coconut oil has oil and butter. It has a peanut butter texture which is spreadable.

Spreadable butter has tons of yogurt. Canola butter is a perfect example of spreadable butter. It is made with plant based oils which lowers cholesterol.

Did you know that in some countries, they put butter in their coffee? This is called "bullet coffee". According to health experts, bullet coffee is good for weight loss and mental clarity. It also gives you energy throughout the day. In countries such as Ethiopia and Singapore, they have been putting butter in their coffee for centuries. Let us juxtapose the two kinds of coffee, the black coffee and the bullet coffee.

Black coffee has 0 calories while the bullet coffee has 400 calories. The ordinary coffee goes to the brain to keep you alert. But the energy dissipates. The bullet coffee goes to the brain and takes fats slowly. You have plenty of energy left because the caffeine stays there. Health experts advised that bullet coffee should be a meal replacement. You don't drink it all at once. You can bring a flask and you can drink it all throughout the day. This keeps you full longer. You can substitute heavy cream for butter for better taste.

Now that fat is no longer off limits, we can now enjoy the foods that we love to eat in moderation. We just have to be picky of the products that we buy. We have to find the shoe that fits our body for better health.


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