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Were You Born For The World's Benefit? How to Assert Yourself Without Ambiguous Hesitation

Updated on October 15, 2010
Getting To The Heart of The Matter.
Getting To The Heart of The Matter.

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy: Removal of Hesitating Pretense, The Barrier to Productive Authenticity

If you were born for the world’s benefit, the world may just benefit. Why deny the obvious preference of your soul’s assertive intent for inhabiting the earth plane?

Could it be that you hold back from acting upon the ‘natural and convenient’ inclination of celestial assertion for fear of how it will look to others or that it doesn’t suit the humble picture you maintain in your mind’s eye of yourself?

To keep such a porous facade, requires an enormous amount of energy that could otherwise be better spent in malleable productivity. In other words, is it important enough for you to exercise a worthwhile soul satisfying project in self-acknowledgment?

IF so, the experiment will require of you to learn and reproduce the pleasure of claiming self-expansion without guilt. This means that no one will be afforded the opportunity to unload problems, responsibilities, grievances and/or commitments on you. Nor are you afforded the same obligation to solicit help, encouragement or validation from another. Too intimidating a task for you?

The nitty gritty of the self-benefit matter, involved in being truly human, demands the entire function of the earth vessel. {Blood, sweat, tears and feces}We can not pick and choose the parts we like and the parts we don’t like.

 We must come to terms with all of it. Defecation is a vital life-sustaining part of living. Why do we act as if our lives are to be shined and polished for armed service inspection?

When in actuality, the rough spots are what constitute our most favored existence. If we don’t literally admit to the consumptive manifestation of what we intuitively know to be inside of ourselves, how much of our lives can be realized in consecrated certainty? Let’s put the cards on the table.

Our attention must be turned from the significance we place in the outer world to the absolute implication of substance we know to be our inner worth.

We value that which most closely resembles our inner merit, yet we will not take the audacious step beyond the mere admiration from afar to fully incorporate and project the reality of the heavenly essence {get the old outdated ideas of what that word entails} of who we truly are.

When we stand upright in full self-acknowledged armor, no doubt an unfamiliar turbulence rattles us at our base. The enormous power besets us!

We are not accustomed to owning our thunderous miraculous merit without some sort of prize for it. The bald truth is: We need no outer prize, reward, or certificate for that which (talent) beams within.

If we but turn our attention to the garden of the ineffable sensual palette of our creative sexual selves, we shall delight in splendor of untold measure. We are born for self-pleasure!

There will be no room for petty grievances such as jealousy, envy, greed and suspicion. We are not normally acclimated to feeling sorry, regretful, remorseful or apologetic. These unnatural feelings are imposed upon us at a very early age.

We are conditioned to feel {or at least ‘act’ like we feel repented in the case of some supposed wrong doing.} It just aint, so. Sorry??? What does that term mean? For whose condescending benefit is the apologizing scene for?

We either accept the inevitably unanswerable consequence, as part of the ‘whole’ with quiet resolution, or we make a mockery of our divinity altogether.

We are inherently divine by nature and every single act that occurs in our lives is part of divinity’s plate of delicatessen. We are the Executive Chef when it comes to our life’s menu. No one else calls the kitchen orders but us. If the meal turns out bad, so be it.

 IF it turns out delicious, so be it. We are not identified so the accolades are of no consequence. Either way, we just keep preparing the meals in as much as we are informed to do so without lust of result.

We must come to the exquisite knowledge, understanding and formative relating (true wisdom) that everything is a part of it. Nothing is to be left out, ridiculed, dismissed, denigrated, condemned, critically analyzed, or refused a rightful place in the whole picture.

Everything is a learning/remembering process, some of which will be recognized, absorbed, relegated and assimilated in our walk. Some will be appreciated, applied and attracted, and ascribed to various roles. But, none of it will be disposed of; it will simply change forms.

In the process of self-acknowledgment, we are to eliminate the easily accessible, familiar and comfortable sensation of falling into the repetitive pattern of blaming and accusing some other person, place or thing for our OWN state of unrest and tribulation!

 We admit with full consciousness that our lives are exactly and precisely the way they are supposed to be for reasons we can’t see. Although we are not responsible for the outcome, nor are we concerned with the results, we are fully responsible for participating in the parameters offered.

NO ONE ELSE either adds or detracts from our designated plight. No one outside of ourselves can or does ever upset, defeat, trouble, harm, cheat, delay, cause us trouble or detain our plans! We alone are accountable for all of our words, thoughts and actions in response to events, situations and circumstances.

This responsibility does not include the mambo jambo self-pity wallowing in trying to explain any of our actions. We must come to know and experience what it means to be totally and fully DIGESTIBILITY FREE. (Without restraint, restriction and/or inflicted conviction)

We are the ultimate representation of freedom and not subject to nor interfering with the laws, rights, obligations, duties and debts of others! We are totally free to express with out having a need to condemn or to guide others in any way.

We perceive perfectly that everyone must carry his/her own bags. We can fully share what our experiences have meant to us and how we have gained benefit in and through our earth involvements, but never are we allowed to convince, coerce or persuade another to change or alter his/her particular course of endeavor.

We are born for the world’s benefit and to execute that benefit we must use every ounce of assertive authenticity we inhabit. No other oath is more purposeful while we are alive on the earth than to follow the ‘natural and convenient’ cosmic inclination of our own artistic nature.

We know we are Masters of Divine Essence who have simply forgotten our sacred heritage. We are never to shy away from the glory of esoteric expression, nor are we to balk by a superfluous attempt to sublimate our ingrained talents.

“…Hide not your light under a bushel….”(paraphrased.)

Natural and Convenient Fruition
Natural and Convenient Fruition


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile image

      Paula Andrea, MA 9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic


      You are, no doubt,at that place in your life where you are ready to live "naturally and conveniently." It takes a certian amount of courage but it's a self-rejuvenating infused energy that adds years of quality life to your existence. Why hide who you are? It's so much more FUN to be musical ribboned enthusiastic realms

    • Belinda Hodge profile image

      Belinda Hodge 9 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Paula - you are just on fire and brilliant. I loved this Hub and needed to read it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!