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What Can I Drink To Lose Weight? Top 4 Fat Burning Drinks

Updated on April 15, 2014

What Can I Drink To Lose Weight?

A question I am frequently asked is “what can I drink to lose weight?” So in this article I will cover the top 4 fat burning drinks so you can add them to your routine and replace those “empty calorie” sugary ones that you may be drinking now.

In the battle of the bulge what you drink can be just as important as the foods you eat and the way in which you exercise. For some reason it is one of the factors that sometimes gets a little overlooked. Maybe you have been in a habit of drinking a certain beverage for years and find it hard to break free from that because you love it so much.

My Mum is a prime example of someone like that. She is an avid tea drinker, has been for decades. She consumes way too many cups a day, more than she really needs. Long term the caffeine has dried out her skin and I honestly believe she has become “addicted” if I dare use that word to the caffeine itself.

So, without further ado let us commence with the list of beverages that can aid you in burning more fat and inches. I can personally say that I drink all of these myself at some point in the day/week and you will get amazing results if you drink them consistently.

(The following drinks are placed and not ranked in any particular order, they all play a huge role in helping you burn fat and maintain your ideal weight.)

Drink # 1 – Green Tea. First thoughts of green tea are that of not a very pleasant flavour. There are versions of this beverage on the market that taste delicious and still hold all the fat burning properties you will need. Just take your time to do some research and read some reviews.

Green tea will boost your metabolism (burn more calories) and it also has some antioxidant properties that are great for boosting your immune system. One drink I can recommend comes as part of the Herbalife range and comes in original, peach, lemon and raspberry flavours.

A couple of these before a workout or first thing in the morning will give you a great energy boost too. The nice flavoured teas are great served hot in the winter and over ice in the summer. Take a look at my video review below for more information.

Green Tea For Metabolism Boosting Video

Drink # 2 – Protein Shakes Made With Water. This is not just a drink for bodybuilders! A couple of protein shakes taken as snacks twice a day will hold onto your lean muscle when dieting (= a faster metabolism = fat burning) and they will also keep you fuller for longer.

I recommend you source a low sugar whey protein powder that is easily mixed in a shaker with water. This way you will still get the full nutritional value required without all the extra calories you get if it is mixed with milk.

You can pre-make your shakes in the morning before you go to work or out for the day. Alternatively just carry a shaker with you and have the whey protein in there ready to just add water and shake. It's an instant, healthy, fat melting fast food on the go!

Drink # 3 – Fat Burning Smoothies. To boost your metabolism and burn off fat and inches it’s vitally important you start to eat more natural foods. A delicious and tasty way to do this is to make your own smoothies in a blender.

The beauty of this beverage is that you control the ingredients, the calories and the taste. By adding your own whole fruits the additional fiber will keep you fuller for longer. They can also be made and drunk anytime of the day, love it!

Start to experiment with different ingredients and I recommend you also add a couple of scoops of whey protein powder in there too. This way you will get a double whammy “feel full” factor from both the fiber and high protein content.

Drink # 4 – Water, water, water. Last but not least on our “what can I drink to lose weight?” list is the underrated and under consumed beverage of water. It seems to me that those on a weight loss programme find it hard to be consistent with their drinking and quantity of daily consumption.

Here’s how I do it. Before every meal and after every meal I drink one glass of water. As I eat 6 times a day that ensures my daily quota of water intake is met. On top of that I drink during my exercise sessions to rehydrate 6 days a week too.

If you follow the water with every meal rule you will be getting adequate hydration. So, why water for fat loss? It removes toxins from your system and cells. Keeps your organs functioning efficiently, so the benefit of these 2 factors is both weight AND inch loss.

Another bonus is that sometimes hunger can be misinterpreted and all you need is to rehydrate your system to overcome those hunger pangs. When you are dehydrated you will definitely feel hungry more frequently.

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