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How To Get Model Skinny Fast - 5 Proven Tips That Will Get You Skinny Like A Model Fast

Updated on January 20, 2016

Are you looking for ways on how to get model skinny fast? Unfortunately too many girls today are achieving their model look in an unhealthy way. This article will show you how to get that skinny, super model magazine look really fast by applying healthy methods and techniques that are proven to work.

How To Get Model Skinny Fast

1) Eat 5 - 7 Times Every Day - This will put your metabolism into fat burning overdrive. It's a great way to also give your body the nutrients it needs for energy and a healthy looking model skin. To work out how often you should be eating divide the amount of hours you are awake by 6. This answer is how often you need to eat a meal. Little and often is better than 2 - 3 heavy meals throughout your day.

2) The 8 X 8 Water Rule - As a model you need a fantastic, hydrated looking skin. By drinking lots of water you get 2 benefits. Firstly, you'll remove all the unwanted toxins from body to keep your skin healthy looking. Secondly, by drinking water every day it enhances fat loss so you can achieve your skinny look quicker. 8 fl oz times 8 per day is the minimum you need to consume.

3) Proteins, Sugars & Fats - To get skinny super fast you need to make sure you balance these 3 correctly. Eat protein with every meal. Use protein shakes and bars for convenience when life is hectic. Carbohydrates should come from the low glycemic index range. Fats are ok to be kept medium to high as your carb intake is low. This is a fat burning, metabolism boosting formula so apply it every day.

4) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - Instead of doing long, enduring and boring steady state cardio, replace it with HIIT. Burns fat up to 9 times faster and you can use either gym cardio equipment or go running, swimming or cycling etc. You only need 3 x times 20 - 30 minute sessions per week for amazing fat burning results.

5) Reward Meals - To stop your metabolic rate from slowing down you must have reward meals. These are meals where every 7 - 10 days eat some junk or fast food. Yes, that means pizza, burgers, ice cream etc. Don't feel guilty about doing this, you have to do it to keep yourself mentally on track and keep your metabolism speeded up.

This is how to get model skinny fast. There are lots of other techniques you can add to this routine. We recommend that you continue to learn about exercise, nutrition and eating plans to keep your skinny model figure for life.

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