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What Causes the Female Libido to Disappear

Updated on April 21, 2010

Female sexuality is a very complex issue. Often, this fragile mechanism is facing serious problems because of external factors and psychological problems. Just think about it – society portrays the average man as having endless libido. And women are often portrayed faking a headache in order to be left alone.

Low sex drive in women results from various factors. Causes vary. They could be connected to environment, medicines and diet and mental state. To deal with the problem, a woman needs to know what has caused it.

Here are several reasons for low sex drive in women.

Fatigue can affect both the male and female libido but it plays greater role in the delicate female sexuality. Women holding important offices, young mothers and ladies having tense daily routines (doctors, lawyers, public figures) are more prone to experiencing that problem.

Stress at the workplace often diminishes sexual desire and results in apathy and lifelessness.

Unfortunately, stress affects sleeping habits, as well, thus creating a vicious circle. Underslept and stressed out women are very unlikely to demand passionate sex from their partner.

Real rest and relaxation are needed to deal with the issue. Enlisting in a yoga class, having a massage or scheduling some rejuvenating spa procedures could be a possible solution.

Certain pills and medical substances have been known to diminish the sexual desire of women.

Pain killers, antidepressants and sleep pills will act to take away libido. Low sex drive resulting from these is a temporary phenomenon that will disappear as soon as the medication intake stops.

Pressure, discomfort and boredom at home will often act in a combined manner to kill the sexual desire of a woman.

Lacking the support and understanding of a partner, facing problems alone and struggling to deal with these will turn a woman into a distanced and cold individual.

Sexual routine is also one of the main reasons for decreased libido. Sex with a partner becomes a task, something unsurprising and traditional.

You all know what should be done to deal with such problems.

Hormonal imbalance
Hormones rule the body and mind of each woman. Each one of us has ups and downs, both in terms of libido and emotionality.

Hormonal problems can make the female libido disappear. Such problems are likely during menopause, during and after pregnancy.


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    • profile image

      Maria Fred 6 years ago

      Great post -something I experienced in the past, that is the low libido. . I found your hub on really interesting and useful.Thanks :)


    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 6 years ago from Lagos

      I suscribe wholly to your reasoning. Thank you for sharing. I sure voted up!

    • vily_far profile image

      vily_far 8 years ago

      ewriter25, thank you for the positive feedback. Truly glad that my hubs are useful :).


    • ewriter25 profile image

      ewriter25 8 years ago

      Thats right! Add one more reason: Bad treatment from their partner during the day. I truely believe that if a woman has to face verbal abuse or belittling from her partner (husband, boyfriend) during the day, she certainly won't want to sleep with him at matter how romantic and cool he may be at that time. Simple female psyche, they want to be respected too.

      Great articles, this one and all others, vily_far!

      Thumbs up!