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Colon Hydrotherapy ...........?

Updated on April 7, 2016
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digestive systemdigestive systemenima/douche bagrectal bulb syringecolonic cone
digestive system
digestive system
digestive system
digestive system
enima/douche bag
enima/douche bag
rectal bulb syringe
rectal bulb syringe
colonic cone
colonic cone
hydrotherapy machine
hydrotherapy machine

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is the introduction of liquids into the colon via the anus and rectum.Unlike enemas that were mainly used to relieve constipation or preparation for surgery or exams, it is believed that enemas only cleanse the lower portion of the colon and most of the waste build-up on the colon walls remains. But with colon hydrotherapy there is a continual flow of temperature controlled filtered water.You are not exposed to the fumes due to the waste being collected into a long tube that allows you to see what is being flushed through the body.And you never have to worry about getting up or going to the rest room until your session is over.

What is the colon :

The colon is the last five feet of the digestive tract.It is a tube like muscular organ that moves digested foods along to be evacuated by the rectum via the anus. While food waste materials are in the colon, moisture and salts are extracted out. It is unlike the small intestines where most of the break down and absorption of food takes place.

Why Colon Hydrotherapy :

The purpose of this procedure is to rid the body of waste materials that have been collecting in the colon. Bad bacteria in the colon is not a good thing and yet few people are aware of it. When bad bacteria feed on the undigested foods and cause this food to rot and become putrid, your colon becomes alkaline making it hard for the good bacteria to survive. As more toxic material waste builds-up in the colon, it attracts other infectious organisms and yeast. By using the hydrotherapy technique you rid the body of toxins, parasites, bacteria and viruses that can if allowed lead to serious ailments. Being sluggish and tired, headaches, mood swings, bad breath and weight gains are just a fraction of the complaints that you hear of as being signs of colon problems. Over the years the walls of the colon can and will become encrusted with old waste material. The average person can have up to 10 pounds of UN-eliminated waste just hanging around in their system.Hydrotherapy allows the body to rid itself of toxic waste.It is not a cure all and it does take more than one session but it will assist the body in putting itself in order.The average cost is anywhere from $50-$60 per-session, but where the cost of living is high it can range around $90.

My only problem with hydrotherapy is the number of sessions it is said to take in order to put your body back to mint condition.It is recommended that you have a series of 12 sessions; two the first week, two the second week and one a week for the next 8 weeks.

Alternatives And Personal View :

Although I am in favor of colonic hydrotherapy or irrigation I needed to know if there were other methods and there are. Just Google colon cleansing and see all of the sites and cleansing kits there are. Colon cleansing or irrigation goes back as far as the ancient Egyptians in 1500BC, the ancient Greeks practiced this as well..They believed that toxins were formed due to the beak-down of foods and decomposition in the intestines.Causing the contents to rot and slowly move into the rest of the body; resulting in all matter of ailments.Just imagine that acne problem or the 10lbs. that you can't loose around your waist is actually a toxic body weight of slime that you are carrying around in your colon..

I personally had to use a colon cleanser to prepare for a colonoscopy. It was more a matter of age and staying up on my health.The cleansing kit that I had to use at home was used for a short time period but I could feel a difference.An air of feeling lighter and less bulky was felt.I could only assume that if I had tried one of the many colon cleansers(one that I have researched first ) for the prescribed amount of days for proper cleansing that I would be able to reach the same results as in hydrotherapy but only at home. The pictures at the bottom are covered over by the picture of a healthy diet because it shows you the true face of what has been collecting in you and it isn't pretty. The pictures show what has been expelled from the body after colon cleansing. All of the mucusy bacteria and parasites that have been built-up, that has been collecting in the body over a matter of years is released. To me the major difference between Colon Hydrotherapy,Enemas and other Colon Cleansing Methods is the amount of liquid used and the odor that is absent due to tubes that are collecting the body waste when using hydrotherapy,there is also the cost factor for me. All in all I think it's more about Personal Choice, hydrotherapy or other methods of colon cleansing..

Cleansing ritual from India

A past hubber by the name of Melinda M. Sorensson sent me an email sharing her cleansing ritual that I would like to share with you.

"Hi, Clarice
First of all, you cannot do this if you have any existing medical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart condition or kidney disease.

It would be best to do this when you have not eaten for 12 hours, but has drank plenty of water.
Now, this is a ritual. In India, they do this as part of the purification process for someone who is about to get married, among other things, but a regular procedure for those who do yoga.
The most important thing, Clarice, is to be RELAXED....It really is very taxing if you are not relaxed FIRST...please keep that in mind.

You will need the following.:
A two liter combination douche bag/water bag.
a pillow as you will need to lie down completely, on your backtowels for you to lie down on in the bathroom
Two tbsp salt or One tbsp epsom salt
One whole lemon
A scented candle
Uninterrupted time in the bathroom..two hours at least for the first day.
You have to do this three days in a row the first time and then you can do it once a month after that and you won't need as long a time
1. First pass.
Dissolve the two tbsp salt OR one tbsp Epsom salt in 2 liters warm [not hot] water .While lying down completely on your back, allow the water to your anus.You can control the amount of water that goes in. The point is that you will feel like you have to go to the bathroom right away with just very little water. Try to resist this urge. Massage your tummy/the colon area while the water is in your tummy.
Use the remaining water in the douche bag
It is okay to go to release the pressure at any will have to do it three times anyway.
2. Second pass. Do as in the first pass with one whole lemon squeezed into the 2 liter water.
3. Third pass. Same as second pass but just warm water.
Do this three days in a row, but no more. Then you can do it once a month.
After the third day, take Lactobacillus. 2 tablets.
Do once a month.
Let me know about your first time..the three days in a row.
Much love,Melinda "

WARNING - VERY GRAPHIC....expelled waste material and parasites

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A healthy dietexpelled waste materialParasites that have been flushed out after colon cleansing.
A healthy diet
A healthy diet | Source
expelled waste material
expelled waste material | Source
Parasites that have been flushed out after colon cleansing.
Parasites that have been flushed out after colon cleansing. | Source

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