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What Is Granuloma? John Mayer's Diagnosis

Updated on July 17, 2017
John Mayer
John Mayer | Source

Not To Be Confused With Malignant Cancer

Granuloma can form anywhere in the body but often appears in the lungs. Granuloma can appear to look like cancer but is not. It is a small inflammation that results from an injury (which can include an infection) and it often results from histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is an a fungal infection that can result from being explosed to the droppings of birds and bats in humid areas. Granuloma that results from histoplasmosis is identifiable on an x-ray because it has the same density as bone due to calcification. However, not all granuloma is calcified when x-rayed. When not calcified, this is when granuloma resembles cancer on the x-ray.

For John Mayer, granuloma occurred in his vocal cords. He had this condition previously and had surgery to remove it at that time but then, it reappeared. John Mayer believes its reappearance was due to his singing after the recovery from the first surgery. This hypothesis is based on the fact that the granuloma of the vocal cord area is irritated when a person speaks, sings, or coughs. The granuloma will continue to grow without medical treatment. Mayer set a date for his second granuloma surgery in August 2012 and is now in recovery. With a six month complete hiatus on all singing, Mayer has just returned to light singing this February of 2013, after an all-clear from his doctor. His voice will remain raspy for some months to come, as his vocal chords continue to heal. He is expected to continue singing publicly into the summer of 2013.

John Mayer's 2012 Medical Update

John Mayer's 2013 Medical Update - On the Mend

What a Granuloma Can Look Like

A large granuloma can cause pain in some areas of the body, such as the vocal cords.
A large granuloma can cause pain in some areas of the body, such as the vocal cords.

Granuloma and Surgery

Though some granulomas require surgery, most do not. Reasons for surgery vary based on the situation and professional medical recommendation. Though some pain can be experienced in some areas of the body, most of the time, granulomas do not have symptoms or pain associated with them. The general reason they are discovered is due to the patient having a CT or x-ray where it appears. However, it can cause pain and discomfort in speaking, coughing or singing. Therefore, the discomfort of these activities can lead a patient to seek medical assistance for the irritation, thus revealing the granuloma. There are different varieties of granuloma and this is a general overview of the main components and characteristics of granuloma.

For more information on granuloma, please seek out your medical professional. I am not a medical professional.

John Mayer and Singing Post 2014


John Mayer underwent surgery and has chosen to heal away from LA. He has rarely sings publicly, as he continued healing and, as of 2016, was looking forward to returning to singing before audiences in the future, following the release of his new spring albun in 2017.

Patient With Granuloma of the Vocal Cord Vocalizes With Doctor

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*** Did you know John Mayer is from the North East? Read about his home state, Connecticut and the other Northeastern States by clicking here. ***


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