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What Is The Best Whey Protein : PHD Diet Whey Fat Loss Range Review

Updated on May 2, 2012

Whey protein is one of the best sources of protein to build muscle tissue. Whey Protein is also the most popular. As I start my quest again to tone up, build muscle and also have a more healthier lifestyle and diet, I started to search for a whey protein powder. I have tried a few different protein powder's over the years some that made me gag and ones that tasted sooo good. One of my favourite whey proteins is La Muscle's, La Whey. I love this whey protein because it tastes so good. This has been my choice for a number of years but it is hard to find in the high street shops, it's also not the cheapest Protein powders. So this got me thinking do I order another tub, or shall I try and find an alternative. I've discussed in my previous hub What to look for in a protein powder how you need to avoid the flash packaging. So I knew I was going to find it tough to replace my favourite without getting caught out with the flashy packaging. I really wanted to limit my trial and error process because this is going to cost me money! Well, I got lucky. The first one I've bought is delicious! PhD Diet Whey Protein chocolate orange flavour.

I have to admit, PHD have very attractive packaging which I have been drawn to in the past. The thing is though, it's clean and crisp which to me looks authentic. Even still, I checked the most important thing when buying a protein powder and that is, how much protein per serving there is. Often cleverly labelled on the packaging, always check how much a "serving" is. It's usually 2 scoops to the advertised amount of protein. For example 30g* per serving . * 2 scoops.The more scoops you need to take the more of the powder you will be using up. You want to aim for 40g per 2 scoops to get a value for money protein powder.

PHD Diet Whey has 35g per serving (2 scoops) which is high. So I knew this would be value for money. The other feature that caught my eye was the words "Diet Whey"  which I knew meant there was a reduced amount of carbs in each serving. A low, 8g of carbs per serving. Many other protein powders have high carbohydrate content to make up for the taste but the whole point of taking protein is to build muslce, we don't want increased carb intake as this will just add calories meaning possible weight gained. So the reduced carbs per serving was a great feature. I was getting closer to buying. The all important thing to me was it's taste, something I won't know untill I bought it, so I needed to get a safe flavour. I always find chocolate is a safe bet. I picked up the rather unusual protein powder packaging, a resealable carton as apposed to a tub, in chocolate orange flavour.

I got it home and couldnt find my powder beakers so I had to use a large glass. I always use milk for my protein powders to help with the tast but it can increase clumping. I thought I was going to be a challenge mixing this in a glass and to my surprise the powder mixed unbelievably well with little to no clumping with one scoop in the glass. Try doing that with other protein powders. Next up was the taste and to my relief it tastes really really good. It's not bareable, it tastes gooooooooood!

High protein intake per serving, low carb intake, great price and great taste. So I have found a replacement for my favourite La Whey. If you're looking for a protein powder that will help you on your quest to toning up and increasing muscle I definitely recommend PhD Diet Whey Protein . This protein powder will suit people who are looking to build lean muscle tissue and lose weight. It would be great for people who's body type lets them put on weight easily as with the low carb intake means reduce the risk of putting on unwanted weight whilst trying to increase your protein intake.


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      ExoticHippieQueen 5 years ago

      I'm always interested in hearing about whey protein powders. I use it, to. Whey Factor. Thanks for sharing!