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Whey Protein Powder Supplements : Which One Is Best For You.

Updated on September 20, 2012

Protien is a vital nutrient to keep your body healthy. If your aiming to achieve a toned or even a more muscular physique then your protein intake need to be increased. Upping your protein intake has other benefits like healthier thicker hair, stroner nails and better skin. Protein powders are easy way to increase your protrein intake. Taking extra protein will not build you muscle on its own, its the fuel your muscles need to grow and repair itself. So if you just want healtier hair and better skin then looking at increasing your protein intake can do this. If your on the journey of transforming your body you'll need to have a protein powder to give you protein quickly and easily. With so many on the market and with every marketing tactic used to get you to buy its hard to figure out what YOU actually need from a protein powder to reach your goals, They're not cheap either so im going to help you to decide what protein powder is best for you and what to look for when buying. My personal favourite that fits in to all of the below is LA Muscle La Whey.

Ignore the flashy Packaging

 The Health and fitness business is a multi billion dollar business and millions is spent on marketing, unfortunately a products benefits can get lost in the process. Although using an appealing physique on the cover or using a celebrity in the fitness world such as pro body builder dramatically increases sales it doesn't gaurantee that your getting the best product it is just a marketing tactic. There are many body builders that have their own protein powders this is different, they are the protein powder rather than employed by the protein powder. This is not to say you shouldn't buy a protein powder with an endorsded athlete on the front use all of the tips im going to show you below to decide. So tip number one is not buy soley on the basis that the packaging is appealing or that your favourite bodybuilder takes it, Rememeber the product inside is going to give you results.

How Much Protein?

This is cleverly advertised on protein powders and is obviously the most important part of the product. You will Often see *28g or Whey Protein per serving or *32g of protein per serving now this may sound pretty good as you need around 30g grams of protein per meal to build muscle ( there are many different amounts you should take depending on your goals 30grams per meal is a good figure to aim for ) but did you notice the little * next to the figure? This asterix will mean that theres more you need to read on this figure. Look around the packaging for what the asterix means. You will using find it means that you get those figures per 2 scoops. You will find a measured scoop inside the powder, now this means you have to take 2 scoops to get your advertised protein intake and if your scoop is on the large side then your going to go through tubs pretty quicky. Some Powders only need 1 scoop but many need 2 just make sure you get a high amount of protein per serving. This is missed by many people who have just started using protein powders and only use 1 scoop thinking they're etting the advertised protein amount.

Am I buying A Protein Powder?

Now protein powders have a distinctive look about them in terms of packaging (Big tubs) Many other products have taken this look on. The most commonly used type of protein used is whey protein there are others such Casein,Soy Protein Powders. So Make sure you find one of these on the packaging. Also another thing to look for, is your powder soley a protein powder or does have a high carbohydrate content with it also? Once you start learning about nutrition you'll learn that carbohydrates should be consumed with protein to give you quality calories hence why you'll find protein included in the high carbohydrate powders. Carbohydrates are what give you size and mass and this is why you'll find powders that contain high carbohydrate content, with these powders comes high calories so if you're looking to tone up and have a lean type physique then these are not for you these type of powders are for people that find it hard to gain size due the their body type or for people looking to get bigger and these are who these powders are designed for. Powders with high carbohydrates are usually advertised with the word "Mass" Or "Size" on them. If your're looking for a protein supplement and put on weight easily look for a powder that has a low carbohydrate content in it. Look for Whey,Soy, or Casein or the packaging and make sure the carbs are low to make sure your getting a protein supplement rather than weight gain supplement.


Companies spend millions on this part alone because if you like the taste you're more likely to buy again but to improve the taste you have to include ingrediants that are not the best for a health supplement such as sugars and sweeteners so there has to be a comprimise. There are some companies out there that have managed to produce a product that not only taste great but gives you excellent protein intake. Many powders use flavours more associated with milkshakes such as strawberry,banana and chocolate. They recommend that powders are drunk with water, now these flavours don't sound too appealing. You can use milk but remember your adding calories by doing this so use skimmed milk. So some trial and error on your part is advised to get a powder that you find tasty.

What You Pay Is What You Get

 Protein powders are not cheap but they are a vital part of your nutrition and part of achieving your goals. Higher priced powders usually have higher protein intake per serving, better taste and consistancy and will also be in a larger quantity. Common weights that powders are sold are 908g tubs and 2.2kg tubs. Make sure you check this before buying so if you spending $30 on a 908g tub but a 2.2kg is $50 it is worth paying that bit extra to get more than double the powder for less than double the price. Spend this on products that you know taste great and the outlay will be worth it. Buying cheap products will leave a bad taste in your mouth ( excuse the pun )


Next time your looking at a tub of muscle fuel keep these notes in mind to determine whether it is right for you.

  • Packaging don't be blinded by flashy packaging
  • How much protein per serving
  • Size of the tub
  • Taste, check the flavours ( Cholocolate ones taste great )
  • Is it just a protein powder or is it a" Mass" "Size" or "Weightain" Shake indicated by these packaging terms and high carb content
  • Whey Protein is the most Commonly Used Protein



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    • jennifertaylor91 profile image

      jennifertaylor91 5 years ago from USA

      Everyone know that protein powder is need for growth of muscle with less weight but one crucial thing is that how much protein powder need for us to healthy life...Thanks for sharing your ideas...


      protein powder :-

    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 6 years ago from England

      Thank you Whey Protein!

    • profile image

      Whey protein 6 years ago

      I was also searching related stuff from long time.You have solved my problem.Thanks for sharing this great stuff with us.

    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 6 years ago from England

      You could write forever on supplements. This hub is aimed at people who are buying their first tub of protein. You can esily buy the wrong thing as a lot of the tubs look the same yet do edifferent things. Protein should be used if you want to lose weight and not just to build muscle, protein is a great and important supplement. Fitness magazines constantly write about Protein which goes to show how technical nutrition is. This hub is to give you some tips and to be aware of the marketing tactics.

    • profile image

      Best Whey Protein 6 years ago

      Really nice hub. Info given is real awesome, but it is some kind of general and if you want to start hardcore bodybuilding you need to know something about best whey protein. I am bodybuilder with 6 years experience and got some advises to share.

    • supplement-advice profile image

      supplement-advice 6 years ago

      You guys from USA, can you get Reflex Instant whey out there. Its the best stuff we've used here in the uk, great quality high % protein thats great tasting

    • profile image

      jeremy spedgcoff 7 years ago

      great info, was very usefull

    • profile image

      Drapeau 7 years ago

      I definitely agree with you, especially about "flashy products". Actually, my only points are for the taste, they add a bunch of garbage to make the taste "good", so that's why now I prefer to get unflavored Whey. Moreover, to mix them well, they add soy lecithin which is coming from GMO corn, so I am not really happy with that too, so I ended up drinking an unflavored isolate whey that need to be but in water at least 1h before ingestion :D.

      See you


    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 7 years ago from England

      Thanks Jdavis88,

      You're right, there are. Im updating this hub with some products.

    • jdavis88 profile image

      jdavis88 7 years ago from Twitter @jdavis88hub

      good hub! there are so many to choose from!