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What Part of the Aloe Vera Plant has the Curative Power

Updated on May 20, 2010

We believe in the whole leaf!!

Some believe the rind.
Some believe the rind.

What is aloe vera's secret?

What part of the aloe vera plant has the curative powers?

In the last article, you found the many different opinions as to where the potency of the aloe vera plant is found.

The answer to this question continues to drive the researchers in the attempt to unlock the healing power and just exactly what part of the aloe vera plant holds the secret and what key ingredients actually produce the curative potency.

Some believed it to be the rind or outer layer. Some believed it to be in the gel. Others believed it to be the combination of the two. Others now realize that the way aloe vera is grown, harvested, processed and refined has allot to bear upon the potency and effectiveness.

We believe the healing power of aloe vera can be found in the whole leaf process with all the components intact with the synergism effect. Adding to that, a uniquely processed formulation is the best procedure to blend all of the components and prepare them for market.

The combination of the components makes sense because of the synergy concept and it also points to the fact that the plants most active ingredient is the aloe polysaccharides.

Some researchers believe that the polysaccharide complex is the driving force in the curative network of the aloe plant.

With all the research of the aloe vera plant and of each of its components; tested separately, none can show the same promise as with the use of the whole plant in terms of wound healing and tissue regeneration. When compared, the whole plant formula has proven to be a superior healant.

Pain relief: test have shown that such conditions as rheumatoid arthritic, athletic injuries, thermal burn and ulcers of all kinds have seen the pain alleviated with the treatment of stabilized aloe vera gel using the whole plant formula.

Germ killing: aloe vera whole plant formula has exhibited virucidal, bactericidal, moniliacidal and fungicidal capabilities against an extremely broad range of organisms.

So as the question remains …where does the healing components lie in this remarkable plant, this miracle plant known as aloe vera?

It is our belief that the splendid chemistry of the amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, anthraquinones, ligins, saponins and the mono and polysaccharides working together (synergism) …that the secret lies.

The added benefit …not only do you want the “best tasting aloe” …surely, you want the best therapeutic aloe too!

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    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 7 years ago

      Lgali ...thank you ..glad you found it interesting

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 7 years ago

      very useful info thanks

    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 7 years ago

      Thanks chaser ...keep on drinking aloe ...I am sure you will stay healthier! My best to you and thanks for coming by.

    • profile image

      chaser4 7 years ago

      Hey gj cody...thanks for the hub.....that's why I use your aloe products. You use the whole plant. Just makes sense!!!

      Keep the hubs coming.