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What Are 20 Things That Are Not Worth It?

Updated on October 24, 2019

There are many “things” that clutter our lives , waste our time and are not worth it .

And this is my list :

1. Settling in a Relationship Because You’re Scared to Be Single -Setting in a relationship is far worse than being single. Period. The wrong person will ruin your life and drag you down.

2.Engaging in one-sided relationships- You know those people that only talk about themselves and their own affairs without ever asking you a single question about your life?

3.Confessing your darkest secrets to your significant other- Your partner might make you feel butterflies now, but they may one day become your worst enemy if you have a nasty break up with them. You don’t want your potential future enemy to have your deepest and darkest secrets in their possession.

4. Going to College Just To Get a Degree -College is great… If you have a specific need for a degree (e.g. Tech, law, medicine etc.). But going to college to get a degree that you’ll “fall back” on is a waste of time. Spend 4 years mastering a marketable skill and apprenticing under someone who’s made millions with it. I promise you’ll come out ahead.

5.Always trying to be the smartest person in the room. One needs to understand that acting smart doesn’t always make you smart. If you are smart and you have to continuously prove it, don’t you think you are doing something wrong?

6.Worrying about other people’s opinions - Life is too short to live by other people standards.

7.Regrets - No one is perfect, but at least try to live your life in such a way that when something doesn't go your way, you are able to sit back and say: “I gave my best, I will do it better next time”.

8.Revenge -What are you trying to achieve? Waste your time on making someone else feel as miserable as they made you feel? I understand your point, but can’t agree on you spending your precious time on something that isn’t

9.Comparing -There will always be someone who is better than you, as well as less fortunate. Treating life like a totem pole will never leave you satisfied.

10.Social Media - Looking at other people’s fake lives. Showing a fake image of yourself. Getting a fake expectation of life, love, and traveling. Christ, no wonder our generation is highly susceptible to depression

11.Netflix/TV - So many passive hours. CONSUMING. This time could be spent bettering yourself in any fashion. More long-term gratification and happiness. I want to eat a block of blue cheese when people tell me their favorite thing to do is watch Netflix .

12. Plastic surgery. After a few years, it begins to wear off and no longer looks as attractive as it did before. An unnatural look like a Barbie or Ken doll seldom attracts much positive attention.

13.Too much Of makeup.-( In today’s era doing makeup has become a trend but when it crosses the limit it really looks horrible and the salons charge too much for it.)

14.Unnecessary spending - It won’t improve your quality of life and it will wreak havoc your potential savings, don't do this.

15.Modern day runaway fashion shows- The designs seem to get uglier by the day. Also, are people actually convinced to buy a pair of clothing after seeing it on a model on a runaway?

16.Being hateful -But why? Kindness cost nothing, and it pays you dearly eventually.

17.Drama -Fill your life with stories of love and adventures, not complicity.

18.Taking a Passive Role in Life - This is your life and your responsibility. Good things will not come and find you unless you go and look for them.

19.Trying to change someone's opinion - I have to admit that I’m guilty of this, but the truth is that people most likely made up their mind already and won't change their opinion, and if they do, their ego is probably bigger than the sun so it’s pointless however you see it unless you find an open-minded person.

20.Giving <100% - This is your life. You are alive Now. Why would you give any situation less than you are capable of? That just leads to an unfulfilled life. Play hard. Work hard. Relax hard. Love hard. Laugh hard.


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