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Patient Assistance Programs Can Save You Money on Prescriptions

Updated on January 15, 2014

Patient Assistance Programs

Patient Assistance Programs help people get medications for free or a reduced cost. Most prescription support programs are run by pharmaceutical companies, and most require patients to be uninsured and to meet certain income criteria. There are also third-party nonprofit organizations that provide prescription support, and most states also have programs to help. Manufacturer programs are generally good for 3 months to a year of financial support.

Medicare Part D and Patient Assistance Programs

While many patient assistance programs exclude Medicare recipients, there are some prescription support programs are available to Medicare Part D enrollees. The terms of the plans are determined by the company, not the government., although the government does require that the support needs to be outside the prescription help provided by Medicare This means that if a Medicare beneficiary receives free or discounted medications from a prescription assistance plan, they cannot also use their Medicare benefits for that drug.

Other Medication Help

Patients who are not eligible for prescription support programs may be able to access free drug samples through their doctors, or use drug coupons and vouchers offered by many drug companies on their official sites. Samples and coupons do not have income requirements, and some coupons can be used to cover a medication's copay, if the patient has insurance.


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      Colette 6 years ago

      Great info about how patient assistance programs work! Thanks!