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What is the True Meaning of Passion?

Updated on August 20, 2012

What Is Passion?

Is it lust? Is it love? Maybe. Look at the following statements.

I lust for______.

I love________.

Anything you put in those blanks could be a passion. What in your life could be put in the sentences above? I'm sure that if you just look around you and really pay attention to your feelings you can find atleast one area of your life that could be defined as a passion. In the most basic terms, I believe passion is not a destructive obsession but rather a person, place thing, or activity that provides a means of expression and/or provides you with your greatest source of joy. The source of an individual's passion is as diverse as the people that pursue them.


Everything from stamp collecting to quilting can be a passion. So many really find their calling through the hobbies they pursue. Any artistic venture can be a passionate event when it is done by someone who truly loves it . Painting, writing, and music are all examples of activities that are truly rewarding because they are a creative means of expression that can provide a sense of peace and joy.These are not just physical acts but acts that nourish the mind and renew the spirit.


Worthy Causes

Sometimes the desire for action or change can prompt a passion. Looking for a cure or raising awareness for a needy cause may be the catylist for passion. Take a look at the brave cancer survivors that spend countless hours helping others with the disease and working to raise money and awareness for them. It is truly incredible what ordinary people can accomplish when they work towards something for which they are genuinley passionate.


There are those lucky few who get to follow their passion everyday and get paid. Many professions are filled with empathetic people that are only out for themselves and then there are those shining stars among them that are truly commited to their job and those that benefit from their effort. Not only are their caring doctors, motivating teacher, and (believe it or not) compassionate lawyers that go the extra mile for others but there are also the underappreciated employees such as social workers, garbage collectors and grave diggers who spend their time and energy providing something of value to others and rightfully take pride in that fact.



Of course it's difficult to talk about passion without mentioning romance. Well, maybe romance is a strong word for those of us who've been married for a long time but passion still applies. It is an intoxicating experience to be passionatly in love with another person. We all know that eventually the butterflies kind of die down from a rapid flutter to a barely noticable sputter but that dedication and admiration for the other person still remains. And that, my friends, requires true passion.

Have you found your passion?

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    • slackermom profile image

      Lisa Palmer 5 years ago from Attapulgus GA

      winterfate. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Good for you for following your passion. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

    • Winterfate profile image

      Darrin Perez 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Quite an interesting hub. Following your passions in life can easily mean the difference between having a fulfilling life or a lacking one. I know what it feels like to be stuck doing something you want to do, so now I'm doing things that I feel passionate about.

      Voted up, beautiful and awesome! :)

    • slackermom profile image

      Lisa Palmer 5 years ago from Attapulgus GA

      Thank you. I think we sometimes forget that we are all passionate about something because we feel obligated to spend most of our time on things we don't want to do in order to care for others. Although we should take care of the ones we love, we need to keep in mind that taking care of our own needs and pursuing our own passions makes us better people with so much more to give. As always, I really appreciate you stopping by.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      slackermom......excellent hub you have written here! I'm sure you have opened some the meaning of "passion." Your explanation and description is so easily understood. Those who might never have applied this term to something or someone in their life, will see it in a better light.

      I have several passions in my life...some to a greater degree than others, of course, but if they fill the moments of my days more often than not, I hold them dear enough to realize they are a passion and bring me joy! Thank you....Wonderful read UP++

    • slackermom profile image

      Lisa Palmer 5 years ago from Attapulgus GA

      Thanks for the comment Billy. And your passion for writing is undeniable judging by the quality of your hubs. I appreciate your continued support.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I have been lucky to have followed passions for many years; it is the only way to live. Great hub with a great message.