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What the ocean can do for the soul

Updated on July 30, 2014

Born Again Everytime

It has this way, mother nature of course, of taking our breath away from time to time.But only when we choose to look up. To understand that it is right in front of us, all of the time. Maybe, though, that is why so often times, we can miss it. Even more so, why we do.

Throughout every walk of life, there are worries, fears, heartaches, unfortunate and unpredictable causes of events. Some things just happen, while others are a blind sight to our realities. However, the truth is that burdens are carried upon all shoulders. Causing stress, anxiety, and a numerous amount of mental and physical health problems. They may not all look exactly the same to each individual person, but they are there. Some hide them better than others, but regardless... they are all the very same and they are all true to life.

A beauty of the ocean, is that it forces you to look up. To take a moment to just simply breathe. Because its far to moving to look away, and its just to powerful and enormous to be ignored.

Throughout our very separate walks of life, in looking out onto the ocean, this massive body of water that could potentially, one day, just eat us all up alive.... there is one thing that will always be true. That the ocean can do so much good for ones soul.

As each tide begins to form and grow bigger right in front of our eyes... that is a past energy building up within you as well. Its that worry, that unwanted fear, or its that heartache. All at once, that remembrance of the way that it once made your entire insides move and shake begins to return. Then its the realization that you never want to have to feel that feeling ever again. So a humbling experience then occurs... its this beautiful understanding with mother nature and most likely the best conversations that you will ever have in your lifetime, when silently we speak and silently we know.... that we are all just to tiny for this giant world. For there is no worry like the worry of whats going on underneath the ocean and all of the things that we physically can not see that are happening all over the world. Then, moments later, that wave comes crashing down and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. So we exhale, we let go, and are then born a new. Leaving positive energies within you and filling up those voids with a better mindset and a brand new soul. Rebuilding a greater quality of life, personal wellness, and room for one to develop into the best versions that we can possibly be.

Mother Nature

A beach I sat next to and studied daily for three months, Observing the waves every move. Leaving withing the soul, feeling of a peace that it provided for me.
A beach I sat next to and studied daily for three months, Observing the waves every move. Leaving withing the soul, feeling of a peace that it provided for me. | Source


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