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What is executive rehab? Rehab for professionals...

Updated on March 13, 2013

What is executive rehab?

The therapies and programming of executive rehab do not differ greatly from any other conventional private rehab experience, but executive rehab is somewhat different in three important ways.

1 Complete confidentiality

2 Very luxurious

3 Participants are allowed to continue some work responsibilities.

The philosophy of executive rehab programs is that there are certain barriers to treatment for high ranking professionals and executives, and that too many of these people do not get needed treatment help because of these obstacles. By ensuring privacy, by ensuring comfort, and by allowing for some continuing work participation during treatment, executive rehabs strive to lessen the barriers to entry.

While obviously continuing to work during a period that is normally intensely focused on recovery is not ideal, if it's necessary to get these people into treatment, then it is regarded as a necessary evil.

Privacy in executive rehab

Although addiction is a disease there is a stigma associated with it, and some professionals and executives fear that by admitting to a problem, and even by seeking help for it, they will suffer a loss of respect and potentially career sanctions.

Although all rehab is confidential, executive rehabs take extensive measures to ensure anonymous participation. The rehab campus will generally be situated in a remote location, and there will be no correspondence from the facility to the participant during or after treatment, without the explicit written consent of the participant.

An assistant will never field a call, or open a letter from anyone associated with the facility.

Comfort in executive rehab

Most senior executives and professionals have achieved a significant degree of financial success and are accustomed to certain standard of comfort and privacy. The thought of institutional or clinical environments may deter some from participation.

Executive rehabs strive to offer the most comfortable, private and even luxurious experience possible during a treatment stay. Although rehab is not a vacation, the facilities most closely resemble a very exclusive hotel or resort, and privacy and comfort is assured.

Working during executive rehab treatment

The largest difference between an executive and conventional rehab is that executive rehab patients will be allowed to maintain some minimized work responsibilities during treatment. Outside correspondence and contact is to be minimized, but any essential work may be performed while in treatment.

Executives can maintain essential contact and because of this do not need to reveal why they are completely un-contactable for a month or more.

The disadvantages

To be blunt, maintaining work responsibilities while in rehab is not ideal. The healing and therapy needed is incredible, and any distractions from this cannot better the ultimate prognosis. BUT, if the model of therapy as provided by an executive rehab is the only acceptable way for an executive or professional to get needed help, then it is far better than nothing.

If you are considering treatment, you should first consider which is more important, your career…or your health and family. Most people get far too caught up in the relative importance of professional accomplishments at the expense of the things that truly matter in life.

But if you cannot imagine revealing your need to treatment to anyone, then perhaps an executive rehab will allow you to get better without undue professional sanctions.


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