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What's a LIFE worth?

Updated on September 23, 2011

When Causality strikes?

We are living in a fast age where distances have been shortened thanks to fast jets and trains accompanied by terrorism. Needless to say; causalities have also risen. So, when a causality strikes and a man's life is lost. What happens?

Usually the government sends out an investigation team to investigate the scene of accident and the men who lost their lives; their families get money for their loss. Each INDIVIDUAL who has lost his/her life is compensated.

As the years go by, and if/when accidents happen; the Government's money relief has been increasing. I guess this is because of Inflation. Even the cost of life is increasing as the Inflation increases. Thank God our Government treats us equally when it comes to tragedies :)

What is the relation between a Person and his job?

In this Inflation; it is very important to have a job even if our boss is cruel and mean and we count our days to a weekend.

We even get Monday Blues at the start of our week but, we groan and grump and work through the days to get the dough home since; we need money to survive.

Not ALL men have same salaries. They are paid on the type of work they do and the qualifications they hold. This makes each man different and this makes them classified as an INDIVIDUAL.

A life of a man at work is different and he is regarded an individual who contributes towards the success of the company. We could also say that the salary he gets from the company is the worth of the person.

What happens when the Person loses his job?

IF the person loses his job he could get an advance of his salary of a couple of months of his worth and be said Adios. No one will miss him or his presence around that office/workplace since; he was regarded as an individual.

Man's Life in a relationship?

A Man's life has so many roles to play. He is born and becomes a son then a husband when he marries and then a father when he has a child in his family. Eventually, it leads him to become a Grand-father when his child marries and has a child of his own. The circle of life continues. Here, the man's LIFE is worth for all the money in the whole wide world. His companionship, his contribution, his attributes are not just marked as an individual but, tagged as a father or son or husband. His presence in the family is felt and when not around, it hurts. Such is the worth of a life of a man.

But, Alas we spend most of our time running after Money since; Money is the King and if man has it; he can rule the world.

Above few examples of LIFE as a man is given now, it is up to us to decide what MAJOR role we want to play our life in?

As an individual contributor in a company OR in a relationship with someone who cares and seeks our love and attention. When we are gone; our company will still regard us an individual but, our family will regard us as a loving son or husband or father.

Money sure is important but, let's not drive ourselves totally into it and bury ourselves head over heels in it. We have to learn to prioritize our life!!


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