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When You Just Want To Give UP

Updated on January 9, 2012

When You find no Hope

Every single living breathing person as at once in their life felt hopeless, unworthy and ready to just give up on life as we know it because we hate what it has become. Did we ask to be in a place where we feel like this? NO, you don't. Life itself and the way we have been forced to live is not all our fault. Some of our problems that make us feel this way can easily be blamed on America's financial situation which of course trickles down to us and some are finding it difficult to survive with a paycheck, must least from paycheck to paycheck. Deaths related to some one close to us may put us in a Depressed state. Losing a job, a partner, problems with your kids, they are all stress's like that cause a deep plunge into hopelessness, or just simple Depression, which is not at all simple.

The stress that one person deals with everyday varies. Some have little stress, some have debilitating depression because they are about to lose everything they have. No jobs, relationship problems. Its all there, I deal with it too.

Besides laying around and loathing and wondering why bad things happen to you, maybe you should look at it as a growing process. How will be grow in our roles as mother, daughter, friend or spouse defines us. Are we going to let things get us down so we can get back up to knock us down where it seems impossible to get back up. I choose to fight back, with all that I have to regain a state of happiness, joy and just being able to smile when it wake up every morning.

what do you do?

Do, what do you do when you feel like there is no where else to turn, no way out. Do you stay and fight or lay down and let it consume you?

I want to hear your story in the comment section, tell me what you would do, what advice would you offer someone in the state of hopelessness?


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