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When to choose retirement

Updated on May 15, 2012
He's a little older now
He's a little older now | Source
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almost two years ago,
almost two years ago,
My youngest buddy
My youngest buddy | Source


Is this the right time to retire,you have to ask yourself over and over again. Will your job retirement be enough to live on. As most people we meet in life their job retirement programs have been cut off or changed to a 401 program. We have to hit a balance of survival after work ,health or taking care of our family.

Job stress,is it worth it to continue another 2,3 or even 5 years to retire or should you chance it now while the getting is good.

Two income household, will your way of life be cut short and send you and your spouse into poverty. Questions that are very important to the rest of your life and the loved ones around you.

Health problems, is there health problems surrounding your way of life that would prevent you from earning additional income to bring your household up to par. Can you find enough work to be comfortable ?

Taking Social Security early while your spouse works is a very good questions you must ask before pulling the plug and falling into the welfare line of old age.

Having your house paid for along with vehicles would be nice, just not in the cards for most people.

One of the biggest things that I didn't cover was the pressure brought onto your spouse to compensate for the lake of household funds. This could be a deal breaker if their is no bond left in the relationship.

The political power in our country has put an enormous amount of pressure on everyone to stay put and continue working regardless of your personal finances and family plans. is it worth continuing I say retire. you may never get another chance to leave this ball park of strikes and errors in the game of life it may only get worst then where will you be.

I have decided to retire after a four year bout with Kidney disease, transplant and after shock viruses that took away the best part of final years in the work force. Do you want to be remembered as just another old man kicked out because you can't keep up with the younger workforce or go out in flames. The hell with em, be strong my friends remember the Alamo and all of those other John Wayne remarks. This is your life stand tall and remember how it was like as a kid when you and your family didn't have anything but you were all happy just to set on the river bank with a cheep cane pole catching supper.

I have two grandsons that don't have a clue about anything but I'm grandad and that's all that counts to them.When all is said and done the time I have to spend with them means more than any mansion on the hill of sports car I've never had. I will be able to teach and be a part of their lives and instill memories that were vague to me with my Dad or Grandad. We only get get one shot at this and this is going to be mine and my wife's time.

You may think that this is irresponsible on my part but it's the one thing I can due without having lots of money. Yes I'm being selfish in a way because I love to fish and hunt but its only been me almost my whole life,this is my legacy in life to teach by having fun as well and hopefully help make a better life for these kids. Like most people my age its been hard,but a little hard goes a long way in life but a great education of life and compassion will help set the boundaries and future of these two young lads, something that a lot of us never had.

Don't ask yourself twice should I retire look for a reason to make a difference in some one's life and that will be all the reason you need.


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