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Where to Find Springs of Happiness

Updated on May 3, 2020
Chardie Cat profile image

Chardie Cat is an author and a blogger. He used to work in the fields of PR, Publishing & Internet Marketing. Now, he is a freelance writer.


How do you define happiness?

There are a lot of people who say that happiness is just a state of mind. If you think you are happy, every fiber of your being is satiated with euphoric hormones that elicit gleaming superficial expressions. But if you think otherwise, you will be imprisoned in a shadowy dungeon of morose, unpromising entanglement where there is no option of escape but depression, and eventual death. So miserable, isn’t it?

What is happiness, anyway? Well, it is just a simple word similar to life, love and faith. It is very straightforward and unpretentious, incredibly easy to remember but awfully difficult to define. Or is it even definable? Because I am skeptical to liken it to a piece of wood, much more equate it to a flower or an animal. I don’t think so. For me, happiness is rather profound; it is a brittle feeling induced by something important and priceless, someone special and significant, somewhere memorable and fabulous, and somewhat timeless and unforgettable.

I believe happiness comes in many different ways to different people. But personally, there are five major things in the world that give me such a beautiful, priceless mood.

The Thought and Comfort of Family

This is the first and last place you have when all else fails. There is no greater happiness than knowing your family is there supporting all your endeavors. Knowing that my mom and everyone at home are okay; watching at my beautiful darlings who were once cute little babies, but now lovely young ladies; looking at my six beautiful angels with their soothing grins; listening to my nieces and nephew taking turns in the “karaoke”—or watching at my niece at her performances on stage with her band are all happiness to me. There is no place and happiness like home…


The Thrill and Excitement of Writing

I always spell writing as H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S, because it always makes me happy. Writing is my ‘lovelife’. We meet every day. We eat together mostly every supper, watch TV or movies, we read and review books, we enjoy the weekends, and I believe we are very compatible. The good thing about writing is that it lets me avow my vicious sparks, my foolishness, outlandish opinions, frustrations, accomplishments, pains, joys, excitement, and just anything. It is a perfect breather that allows me to divest myself of the downbeat sentiments that could drive me crazy. The rhythm of my fingers tapping the computer keyboard or my pen scribbling in my notes is nothing but happiness for me.


The Smell of Books or Paperbacks

The very happy, diverse and life-changing expeditions anyone can experience can be found in this incredible work of genius. Without books, I would be like a bird without wings or even worse, without feathers. The kind of happiness that books give me is supreme. Books bring me to different places, introduce me to many people, teach me wonderful life lessons, give me insight and wisdom, allow me to meet new friends, and offer to me the chance to discover many things, all at the comfort of my bed or my chair.


The Comfort Foods

Noodles, fried chicken, pasta, chocolate, ice cream, vegetable salad, pizza, steaks, roasts, and what else? Food is a lifeline. Or, can I say a ‘happiness-line’? Well honestly, I am not a food enthusiast, but I know how important food is. I can settle for pancit canton and a piece of bread every meal. Sleep is sometimes impossible without these two. Why food makes us happy is because it allows us to think rationally, move efficiently and eventually give us that unique feeling—which also leads us to share true happiness to others. Though happiness and food are two different realities, they complement each other perfectly. And sometimes, food is the best way to make us happy. That’s the kind of feeling that surges through your bones when you eat ice cream or chocolate cake or when you finish downloading the recent episode of your TV series.


The Company of Good Friends

I am more of a homebody than a publicity stunt. However, I enjoy the company of my friends—at occasional dinner, outings and fleeting chitchat. I find happiness in crazy discussions with my wacky colleagues or being with them on a night outing or talking about various things, both preposterous and shrewd. Happiness is in every word of advice from a friend who tells you to follow your heart but learn to know the border line. It is in every moment you see their faces and know that you have some people you can share part of your life with. It is in their every gesture that makes you realize you are safe because they let you feel you are not alone.


For me, happiness is not an expensive article of trade. You cannot just easily define it, but you can feel it. It is a unique feeling that can drive you positively. It is a special sentiment that can change your outlook in life and can inspire you to work hard. Happiness is a very simple word, but a very influential feeling that can alter the world. I may not be as happy as the sunshine or the clown but mind you, I know and I can feel its wonders. Happiness is a magical spell that makes your heart flutter, your soul sparkle and your life even more meaningful. So, let us share happiness with the world!


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