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Why Do You Drink Alcohol ?

Updated on December 17, 2010


Lets say someone came up to you, whether it be a family member, friend or just someone you never met before, and they asked you, "why do you drink alcohol"?

How do you think you would answer that question? There are many reasons one drinks alcohol, and for the most part if it were me being asked that question, I really wouldn't know the right way to answer it.  Should you lie and just say that you do it for fun, or would you tell them that you are addicted to alcohol, or you are just not sure why you drink alcohol.

There must be a good reason why we drink alcohol, but do we know the underlying reason?

For some people they may drink alcohol because they feel like they are a better person and they may feel that there is peer pressure making them keep up with their fellow drinking buddies. These people may not have any confidence in themselves and may think drinking alcohol builds that confidence up.

Many may drink alcohol to drown their sorrows, so they say, and any problems they may have will simply disappear while drinking, and some problems do disappear for that short period of drinking time, but when sobered up the next day that very problem that vanished is right back at your doorstep. So, in reality drinking alcohol to drown your sorrows is just a temporally fix.

Many people may drink alcohol when there has been a crisis in their family, such as a death, someone that has been taken sick, spousal separation, or an argument among family or friends and the list can go on and on.

The point of the matter is that many things can set off a person to drink alcohol and some people may drink that have never drank before. It's just that something may trigger one to drink and everyone has a different reason and a different answer to that question, "why do you drink'?


  • Some people may drink alcohol to just be social at a party or any function they may attend.
  • Some people may drink because they are just bored with life in general.
  • Some people may drink to just to take the edge off and relax after a hard day at work.
  • Some people may drink just to get drunk.
  • Some people may drink to put themselves to sleep.
  • Some people may drink to ease up physical pain in their body.
  • Some people may drink just to show off to others.

Regardless of why we drink alcohol, everyone has their own reasons and every reason is different for each individual.

I am not here to lecture anyone about drinking alcohol, because we all have done it or we are doing it now, but there is a couple of very important things you should always remember and they are:

  • Always think before you start to drink. Make sure if you are going out for a evening of fun, have that one person designated to be your ride home safe.
  • NEVER EVER DRINK AND DRIVE, This will save your life and a innocent person or a family as well.
  • Just be responsibly for your actions and have safe fun.


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ mega1, Gee mega1, don't think I'd want to party with you.

      Just asked a question, although I quit drinking as you know.

      Hey Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Years!! :)

    • mega1 profile image

      mega1 7 years ago

      If I had been drinking I would probably say "bugger off and get out of my frikkin' face!" but then, that is exactly why (partly) I don't drink alcohol.