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5 Reasons Why I Had a Home Birth

Updated on November 18, 2019
Hollie Yang profile image

A mother of two children, both under the age of two. Her second child was born at home due to a bad experience with her first birth.

1. Medications given during hospital births can increase risk of c-section

I wasn't even a full week past my due date when they induced me.
(I didn't realize until after delivery that having an induction makes contractions more painful, which increases your chances of opting for an epidural, which also increases your chances of getting c section...)
Anyway, I had it pretty rough. I was having extremely painful and long contractions for hours but my body wasn't dilating past a 3! It was so frustrating and exhausting. So, I did what I really didn't want to... I got the epidural. I mainly didn't want to get it because I hate needles but I also wanted to feel like I was strong enough to handle the pain. Plus, I had heard all those horror stories of women who go paralyzed in random places, like a finger, a leg, or sometimes extreme, like the whole lower half of their bodies! But, despite my fears, I succumbed due to the pain that drug on for many tiresome hours.
Little did I know at the time, that all these drugs being pumped into me, was also going to my baby... I don't know why I didn't think about all of this before... It angers me now looking back...
Not long after getting the epidural, my baby girls heart rate would drop and then rise... It was all over the place. The doctor was called in. I heard whispers between the doctor and the nurses... C-section was mentioned.
It was a miracle that my body started to dilate and I was finally to the point where I could push (or attempt to try, because I couldn't feel a thing). After 2 hours of pushing, she was here! But I never wanted to go through that again.
The road to recovery was long and painful. I could barely stand straight up for the longest time. I don't know if that's because of the epidural or just from pushing so hard? There's no way of knowing... But, after having my next child at home with hardly any recovery time, I can't help but believe it was the epidural.

2. Nothing beats the comfort of your own home

I'm the type of person that loves to be home, especially if I'm sick or not feeling well. One time I had a kidney infection causing my lower back to ache horribly and my Mom practically had to beg me to leave the house to go see a Doc.
So, it just made sense to me that a home birth would be a much more peaceful experience. I could eat if I wanted (but honestly, I lost my appetite pretty early on in labor). I could get in the tub if I wanted. I could go outside if I wanted. I could do pretty much anything I wanted and it was amazing! LOL

3. Wanting a natural birth

Like I mentioned in my 1st point, getting induced (pittosin) & epidurals aren't healthy and, with my first, I had gotten it all. I'm no scientist or doctor but I believe us Americans are so over medicated. Just with the little bit of research I have done, I have found that every medication people take, no matter what its meant to "fix" will in turn mess up a hundred different levels/functions in your body. Potentially giving you more problems, which need to be treated with more medication, causing more problems! It's a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped! There's got to be a healthier way... (But more on the health risks of the pharmaceutical company medications in another article.)
I knew in order for me to avoid the temptation of getting the epidural and putting myself and baby in danger of some unnecessary risks, I would have to stay out of the hospital. And, of course, it worked! No epidural, no pain meds. Completely natural!

4. Doctors tend not to communicate with you well

At every check-up with my first child, they never really told me what was going on. I never really got anything out often checkups, it was just a time for the doctor to ask the same old questions.
"how do you feel?"
"felt any contractions? "
"have any questions for me? "
I asked at several different visits what my blood type was just because I was curious but I never was told... That is until I got pregnant again and went to my midwife. She told me everything! It was so cool because I learned so much about my body and how it functions! I learned that our bodies are amazing and can do amazing things.
With my midwife, I know everything that went on at each visit when they checked me and took my urine.
One time she checked my urine and could tell that my body was fighting off something. I didn't know that you could find out something like that from a sample of pee but she was right! I had woken up that morning with a sore throat.
I also learned what effacement meant, and actually understood because my midwife didn't use big words that I didn't understand. She was like a friend who wanted to help me understand and learn about anything I wanted to know. I was taught what iron supplements really worked to bring my iron levels up (the doctor never did that for me. Only stated my iron was really low and I should go get iron supplements. But not every supplement is the same. Some just flat out don't do anything.)
I was also taught how to possibly induce labor naturally with primrose evening oil, a trip to the chiropractor for an adjustment and a little acupuncture. (It worked y'all!)
It was just very educational and I loved every visit I had with my sweet midwife!

5. Home births are more private and personal

For those of you who have had a baby in the hospital, you know what it's like to have a thousand different strangers (OK a thousand may be a slight exaggeration) come check your woman parts. People you've never seen before in your life!
With a home birth, the only one checking you is your midwife and she won't do it unless you want her too (at least that's how mine was).
At the hospital, you rarely see your doctor until it's time to push.
At home, your midwife is there for you through thick and thin, whenever you need her, she's there. (Unless, Of course she's running late or is at another birth, which could happen lol But my midwife said that there are other midwives who come to fill in for her. So that's good to know that she's still got your back with a fill in).
Hospital births have so many rules and regulations (like how many can be in your room and no eating or drinking) but at home, you make the rules or choose not to have any rules!

Some may think I'm a real weirdo but that's OK, they can think whatever they want. It doesn't bother me.
Because everyone is different.
Home births aren't for everyone. Hospital births are great for some.
But for me? I'm a home girl now and will continue to plan home births for my future babies. As long as everything looks good and the pregnancy is healthy, then home is where I'll be


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