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Why green tea is healthy and benefits of green tea extract

Updated on December 31, 2014

Why Green Tea is Healthy?

Tea has second place to drinking water by the amount of consumption in the world. Green and black teas are produced from the same raw material, but with the use of different technological processes. Green tea is being processed less than the black tea, so it does not have tea odor and flavor, but it retains green color and it has more health benefits. During the processing of black tea many useful substances are destroyed, so green tea has more of them, therefore is much more useful than black.

Japanese scientists describe it as an elixir of health. Green tea is known for its unique pharmacological and health beneficial properties and it is probably the most important healing herb in Chinese traditional medicine. Catechin complex and natural vitamin C which are contained in the green tea is a powerful antioxidant which reacts with almost all free radicals that causes cancer and protects the genetic machinery of cells.

By the way, in Japan and China – countries where green tea is used in large quantities, there are a low percentage of people who are ill with cancer. Green tea speeds up the decomposition of blood cholesterol and lipids, prevents the narrowing of blood vessels and strengthens their walls, prevents bleeding. Green tea is an excellent way of preventing atherosclerosis, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, lowers blood pressure and slows the process of aging.

Studies have shown the ability of green tea to significantly lower sugar level in blood, thus green tea is effective in diabetes treatment. Active ingredients that are contained in green tea stimulate blood; help with diseases of liver and pancreas, rheumatism, urolithiasis.

Green tea has powerful antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects, bounds toxins and heavy metals in the body. It is used to treat colitis, dysbacteriosis and flu, recommended to use with food poisoning. In addition green tea quenches thirst perfectly, tones the nervous system and charges the body with energy. It speeds up metabolism, removing fat from the body and is considered to be the safest ingredient of weight loss. The extract of green tea is widely used in cosmetics. On this basis a lot of creams, tonics, masks and shampoos are produced.

Green tea is used hot and also cold. You can use it two or three times and second time is considered to be the most pleasant. However, please note that with each subsequent use useful substance in tea are decreased. Green tea is used without sugar or milk, because it becomes rather unpalatable with them. Moreover, adding milk to green tea reduces its antioxidant properties. If you like sweet, you can drink green tea with honey. Doctors recommend drinking at least one cup of green tea three times per day.

Green tea contains more than 300 different substances – carbohydrates, proteins, trace elements, vitamins, C1, B1, B2, STD, B5, C and R. In addition, green tea contains calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, sodium, silicon, phosphorus and compounds. Vitamins contained in green tea help to improve immune system. The most important component is the so-called flavonoid.. Particularly active are polyphenols – such as catechin.

Health benefits of green tea extract

Green tea is a very healthful beverage. Green tea is rich in strong antioxidants and other nutrient materials, counteracting cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The Japanese, who exceed North Americans in the size of green tea consumption, smoke twice as much, but among Japanese population cancer rates are twice as little. Experiments proved for a fact that rats and mice that got tea suffered several times less from tumors of lungs, gullet, large bowel, liver, skin, the pancreatic and the lactiferous glands.

The antioxidant capacity of a cup of green tea is equal to a serve of vegetables. Green tea can also lower the content of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

Green tea should be taken into account that not all sorts of tea contain a great number of useful substances. The least quantity of substances is in excessively treated sorts of tea – powder, granulated and other sorts of tea. As for the content of useful substances green tea is the richest one. According to our research, the content of useful substances in black tea is less than one third, compared with green tea. Useful substances of green tea are destroyed in the process of treatment. Scientists recommend drinking at least 3 cups of green tea a day. There are no side effects of drinking green tea, except in the over dosage circumstances. Taking more than 6 cups a day can cause palpitations.

Green Tea and Health Benefits

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