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Why is self introspection important?

Updated on November 24, 2017
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Nitika is a psychologist and has been working with an NGO, a school and two online counseling platforms.

Why I wrote this article?

I have observed that we are in constant stress and confusion despite having a good lifestyle and a job. Teens dawdling and ruining their health by taking drugs and alcohol. Why is this happening? What aren't we getting which is discouraging and pushing us towards unhealthy coping patterns? What are we seeking? Why can’t be find it by thinking about our wishes and dreams? All these questions altogether make me believe if only I had the answer I could help myself and a lot others avoid unnecessary conflicts and setbacks in life. Some times its clinical anxiety which leads to worry and in satiation, or its the habit of whining. But I have seen people waiting for years to do what they desire, and when they get it, they lose interest and come to a conclusion they cannot do anything which might be worthwhile and according to their liking. Is there any way by which we can stay away all this? Or at least reduce this problem to a significant extent. A few ideas came in my mind and I would like to share them with you.

My suggestions

First, accept that its a natural tendency of humans to be unsatisfied. So on a priority basis we need to work on this trait. Being ambitious and wanting to do great things is nice but only until it isn’t stressing your body and mind.

Always be prepared to do something you did not plan to do. For example, even if you aspire to pursue an unconventional profession which doesn't require a professional degree and intensive study, get enrolled in some course by distance education in a field which makes sense to you. Not only it offers you an educational qualification but it will also be a substitute in if you aren't able to achieve positive result in your in your predetermined goal due to scarcity of resources, temporary fall in motivation or any reason. I am not stating that do not move forward towards your passion. But be independent be eligible to be. The competition that is present nowadays bounds us to be frustrated when we fail to excel in some endeavour of ours. So have a backup strategy in hand and use it till you regain your strength and favourable conditions to follow your heart. And I am not trying to say all people don’t succeed in one attempt, but just in case you are; lacking in any resource or a little luck.

We join the gym to become fit but admit defeat when they are unable see results. But we should understand that consistency is the key to success. Whether it may exercise, studies or any other skill you are attempting to master.

And whatever you aim for and, in which ever direction you want to go. First wait and give the thought an analysis, if it still stays, try it on for some time with minimal investment specially if it's related to your hard earned money. If it feels convenient to you, at the minimum for a few weeks then advance ahead with that ambition of yours! And remember at all times, distracting your self by any means from a problem is never a good thing. Escapism won’t save you from anything, instead it’s a spiral which is difficult to emerge out from. So face life as it comes and be ready to fight! All the best!

Light and Knowledge is Within Us.

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