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Is the London Marathon - the blessed hand that gives?

Updated on June 14, 2013

The London Marathon came into being as the brain child of Chris Brasher, a renounced journalist, an olympic medalist and athlete,John Disley. The commencing phase of this mammoth event was timed to kick start soon after Brasher completed the New York Marathon in 1979. The first long distance running held on 29th March 1981.The starting point of the race was near River Thames.Chris Brasher sourced his first sponsorship from Gillette.

A handful of people were incorporated into the organization for the smooth administration and proper execution of various duties deemed necessary in this event. People with different expertise were brought in to handle the day to day smooth running of the organization,David Bedford became the first race director. Chief executive was Nick Bitel. Dr Dan Tunstall-Pidoe was the first medical director of the London Marathon. He was later succeeded by Professor Sanjay Sharma in 2006.They provided medical cover for participants. Volunteers from St John Ambulance also helped during the event. The BBC covered the events live on television. What inspires these guys to start the London Marathon?

As I pen this article, I am thinking deeply and asking myself this question: Is the London Marathon really the blessed hand that gives, why did it came into being? was it started by gold diggers? I am also battling to answer the following question: Was it started for self gratification or for the good of humanity? The convincing answer I got is that the sole purpose of this mammoth event, in the name of the London Marathon was to raise funds for charity.It wasn't for self enrichment. Indeed in every society there are needy people who survive on the generosity of others, this group of people were to be provided by volunteers who opted to participate and raise funds for a worth cause.

People from all walks of life who have some time to spare can participate in this event with the intention of helping charities through sponsored running. It takes courage and determination to run that long distance for the sake of helping others - two thumbs up for all the past and present participants for the London Marathon. These participants were motivated and are still motivated by the desire to raise money for given charities of their choices, whilst having some fun and exercising for a good cause - hats off to you guys for sacrificing your precious time for the good of humanity.

The London Marathon can be aptly described as the blessed hand that gives, If we take a closer look at how many organizations have benefited to date from the funds raised through this event, its humbling to note many charities have got a slice of donations raised from this event. Basing on this it is fair to surmise that Indeed the London Marathon is the blessed hand that gives.To date the London Marathon holds the Guiness World record as a reputable and largest fund raising event of our time. It stands to support the vulnerable and less privileged members of our society. Well wishers can fund raise for Brian and spine foundation and many other charities of their choices.Some people might even participate due to deeply personal emotive reasons, for participating.

To date 33 Marathon races have taken place yearly since its inception. Almost 750 British charities are involved in the race to date. London Marathon is there for a noble cause, it is saving lives through its efforts of fund raising for those in need.2012 winner of the men's race was Wilson Kipsang from Kenya, time taken to complete the race was 2 hours four minutes and 44 seconds.Mary Keitany was the 2012 winner of the women's race also from Kenya, time taken was 2 hours 18 minutes and 37 seconds. The London Marathon is indeed the blessed hand that gives, may it grow from strength to strength and continue to give hope to the less privileged people of our society through its fund rising efforts whilst people are having some fun competing in the long distance running event.


Sun Newspaper, Monday,April,23,2012


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    • samazi profile image

      Masimba Mukichi 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks, specific charities one can represent are Cancer Research UK,visually Impaired Children Taking action, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Leukaemia CARE and many more. They have their contact details for those interested to take part.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Long live the London Marathon for a worthy cause. Any specific charities? Thanks for sharing.