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Why You Must Plumb the Depths to Move Forward

Updated on October 27, 2017
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I have studied emotional health, chakra systems, yoga, rebirthing, reiki, and personal transformation coaching.

Taking back your power

Okay, we're going to have to get real here. I've been listening to some progressive material and people asking questions about how to move forward. It was acertained that we all know our purpose here on the planet and that its within us, obvious when we probe into ourselves and seek to know. But it can be a hard branch to grab onto to pull yourself up. There is drama, distraction and illusion around us, not to mention 'responsibility' that keeps us following a certain path that may not be most natural to our souls.

Let's put aside the drain on your health to be living a life not true to you, or the cost to your relationships including the one with yourself, or the erroneous way forward you are demonstrating to your children. Let's just imagine that you value the Universe, have a relationship with source, and care about your legacy. Your soul does care - and when you pass through the existence, on the other side, all that will be of importance is whether or not you fulfilled your mission.

Let that one sink in.


The wailing wall within

So let's assume you recognize the importance of taking on your life's work. Let's assume you want to be your own saviour and want to walk the path you chose to take here on Earth. Let's imagine you are willing to undertake your purpose but you find yourself facing a wall of fears.

You've worked and studied and you still find yourself unable to take the next steps. Irrational fears swallow you, pull at your forward momentum and you find yourself limited by your very self. What is the solution to such resistance?!

Firstly, recognize that we all have these same limits. And how do we know this?

Because we have ALL LIVED BEFORE. That's right - the drama and pain of past lives lingers and blocks us from moving forward.

Can you imagine all the bs you've lived in this life multiplied by many a moron who has previously crossed your path? Or how about the middle ages where mere accusation was enough to get you hanged. Let's think about burning witches at the stake? Or being drawn and quartered. Getting it? Life prior to this incarnation was full of nasty consequences that would leave even the purest of heart stuck on the path.

There is a way forward but you're going to have to dig yourself out. You're going to have to ride in like the hero you are and rescue yourself from past pain and misery, betrayal, and any number of lewd consequences of humanity's struggle to awaken itself.

Yes, this is gritty. Yes, this is unfathomable - from this perspective.

Thus, the golden key.


The only way forward is to dissolve the hooks of the past. What are hooks? How about the past life where you were wrongly accused by a loved one and hanged. How about the lifetime where your lover died and you were left homeless and hungry. How about the time you were abused, tortured, and made to suffer. You can imagine that these experiences would have an imprint on your soul, a hint of energy lingering that says Holy Dina! Stop here! Remember what happened last time you took that step!

Well, here is your solution. LOOK. Look at what holds you. Listen to the memory. Probe into the feeling. Find the story. Follow the thread. And listen and believe what you may find.

There are plenty of authors - Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Linda Backman and psychic Sylvia Browne who can walk you through the past life stories and coincidences of other peoples lives and the resolutions they received when the put the pieces of the puzzle together.

There are many pieces - don't get me wrong - many themes and life experiences. But the ones you're looking for are the ones stopping you from proceeding.


Imagine a garden. This is your life now. On the surface you see what is growing, sprouting and what is breaking through. But beneath it is a mystery that duly affects what sprouts. Can you imagine all the layers beneath that topsoil and the story of the land that was the surface of the past? And what about the rocks? Perhaps there were even burials there in times long ago. That soil below has quite the history. But the only way you will know it is to become the archeaologist. You must do this in your life. And what a rewarding journey it is. Finally, a journey of discovery that's really worth it!

Keep in mind that there is theory that as we continue to evolve these memories will emerge more and more, and we will begin to connect the dots of our existences, no more relegated to living in the dark.


The Method

Sit quietly with yourself in a sanctuary of your creation. Light a candle, find some quiet, make sure you will not be disturbed. Bring some kleenex. If you have emotion to shed you will need it. No shame.

Find your feelings. Ask them what resides there. Begin to ask deepening questions. And be prepared to listen. You may have been male or female. Be perceptive to what is shown. Here are some goodies for you to try:

Why do I resist moving forward on my path?

Why do I hide from my calling?

Where is my deepest pain?

Why do I suffer?

What do I need to release?

Say then, "Show me a safe, gentle way to release the blocks that prevent my forward movement in the way of my purpose."

As you continue to probe, and ask yourself why you hesitate, you may be surprised by what you hear in response. "I'll be shot." "I'll get killed." "I'll be hated." "I hate them." These dramatic replies are most often from past lives and may have some association to your current life as energetic imprints can linger in different forms life after life. That is why continued digging to the first experience is important. Once you remove the root experience you remove the trend. This Is The Work.

When you are done, having heard enough for one day, finish with Thanks and a Blessing for yourself.

Take a deep breath. Shake it off. Clear your energy field then do something fun. Get into the sunlight. Take a walk. Smell the flowers.

This work will take some time, and I recommend a regular schedule of excavation. Get to know yourself in the process. Become enlightened about what really motivates you. Hear the cry of your soul until it smiles back at you. Rescue the inner child, alone and shaking. Bring her/him into your warm, loving embrace and listen to their pain, their story. Rest assured that you are cared for and loved as you dig within to resolve unhealed wounds.


This work can be intense. But it is equally rewarding. And your life will get easier as a result.

No one knows your story like you do and as you set aside time on a regular basis your soul will reveal its inner most secrets to you. You will become more present, more self-directed and more available to Love. Life will become more charmed. Its worth the journey. You will become clearer and clearer about what you want to do with your life and why. Living your purpose will become easier and more desirable.

Have patience with yourself. Your life may change as a result - it may feel different and new experiences will emerge. Continue to heal the memories and emotions of your soul.

And miraculously, your path will appear ever more boldly ahead of you, and you will be supported more and more as you rise into the newness of yourself.

Blessed be on your journey to finding more of yourself!


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