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Wii Yoga Mat

Updated on March 10, 2010

When the Nintendo Wii came out, it definitely revolutionized the way that video games were played.  You no longer had to just sit on the couch and push button and watch the character on the scree do different things.  Now, you could get up off of the couch and do different sports games all being controlled with your motions and movements.  The Nintendo Wii outsold both of the other consoles in the same generation, PS3 and Xbox 360, despite inferior graphics.

When the Wii Fit balance board came out, it revolutionized video gaming again.  Not only were you just happening to get some exercise while playing, exercise became the goal with the new balance board.  It allowed you to do various exercises and get real time feedback on those exercises.  It also allowed you control video games in a brand new way.

One of the popular video games that out was Yoga for Wii, and it allowed you to do many different types of yoga poses and exercises.  But, even without buying that external game, you could do different yoga poses on the Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus games that came bundled with the balance board.  There are various exercises that can help you out, and a Wii yoga mat is definitely one that is very useful.

Yoga - Nintendo Wii
Yoga - Nintendo Wii

Wii Yoga is the most popular yoga game for the Wii that uses the Wii balance board.


Yoga for Wii

While there are many exercise games for the Wii, there is only one that is 100% yoga.  Other games, including the official Wii Fit game, incorporate some yoga poses, but yoga practitioners know that it just isn't enough to do a few of the most popular poses and be done.  You need to do a whole set of yoga exercises in order to balance your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

Yoga for Wii is a great Yoga game that can help you out in not only learning Yoga stretches, but also learning about the history and philosophy of yoga and how it can influence your life.  It can also guide you through a series of exercises that get progressively harder that allow you to stretch yourself and continually grow and strengthen your body.  It is a fantastic game.

Accessories to Use with Yoga for Wii

While there are lot of different Wii Fit balance board accessories, only a few of them are really helpful when it comes to doing the exercises and stretches, and so here they are:

  • Wii Yoga Mat - The Wii Yoga mat is definitely nice to be able to give you a nice, soft surface to step on, but also something that is strong enough to support you.  It is a great balance and it is much like a regular yoga mat, but it has extra space since you will be using the Wii Fit balance board for a lot of your exercises.
  • If you want to increase your strength and tone your body, then you can also get little ankle weights and wrist weights that can help to add resistance.  This added resistance causes your muscles to break down naturally, and then get rebuilt in order to add tone and definition to your body.

Yoga for Wii Trailer


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