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Yoga Ball Chair

Updated on January 28, 2012

If your workout is becoming pretty stagnate and you're not seeing any progress, try to add a yoga ball to your workout routine.  By sitting or laying on a yoga ball, you'll be able to do many exercises still, while intensifying the workout to your core and your abs.  This can be a fantastic way to improve your body shape, as well as increase your balance.

But, the problem is, when you're sitting at home, or even at work, that is not the best time to be able to workout.  In fact, being sedentary all day at your office can lead to many problems for your back, as well as slowing down your metabolism.

What if there was a way that you would be able to increase your balance, work on your core, all while at your desk at work, doing work.  Well, you can by buying a yoga ball chair.

Yoga ball chairs work well for improving your balance and strengthening your core.
Yoga ball chairs work well for improving your balance and strengthening your core.

A Yoga Ball Chair ?!?

Yes, you have probably heard of the yoga balance balls, but you've probably never seen a chair quite like this.  it gives you the stability on the ground with the wheels that can allow you to move around your office on your chair, but you also have to use your core muscles in order to balance properly throughout the day which can really help to boost up your muscles in that area, as well as help to correct your posture.  Since balance can really only be obtained with the correct posture, you'll be doing multiple things by just changing your chair at work.

Yoga Ball Office Chair for Sale

Can You Just Use a Yoga Ball as a Chair?

While some people just buy a regular yoga ball and use that for a chair, it does have some disadvantages. If you have to get up a lot, the ball can roll around, and potentially disrupt your coworkers or other people around. It can also get in the way. With a yoga ball chair, the yoga ball in contained so that it does not move around if you have to get up a lot.

Another potential downside to just using the balance ball as opposed to the yoga ball desk chair, is if you move around and side around on your chair a lot. This is almost impossible to do with just a regular yoga ball, but by having it contains in the chair you'll be able to slide around your office space like normal without having to be contained to one specific area.

Benefits of Using Yoga Ball Chairs

There are many benefits for you if you choose to use such a chair whether it be in your home or in your office, you'll be able to see multiple health improvements happen in your body.  Here are some of the benefits of using this type of chair.

  • You will be active instead of just sedentary while you are sitting at your desk.
  • It helps to build your endurance over time, you'll be able to stay stable for longer periods of time.
  • Helps to improve your posture, and the muscles that help to keep you in correct posture, whether you're standing or sitting.
  • It allows your blood to be pumping steadily and flowing throughout the entire body when you have correct posture.
  • You'll have increased balance in multiple areas of your life.
  • It increases your metabolism since you're burning calories trying to keep yourself balanced as you type or do other things at your desk.
  • The balance ball can help to keep you alert, focused and awake throughout the day.

Yoga Chairs Cost Less

In addition to all of the benefits listed above, there are also some great financial benefits to buying this type of chair too. By browsing the prices listed above for the various yoga chairs, you'll notice that they are quite a lot cheaper than most office chairs, and they are equal in price to even the lower end yoga ball chairs. If you are considering buying them for your entire company, or maybe you're just wanting to buy your own, they are definitely in a price range that can be affordable for most people.  Hopefully you can find yoga chairs for sale that match your budget.


While there are some definitely lifestyle changes you can make at work by packing your own healthy lunch instead of eating out, increasing your water intake, and getting up and walking around as much as possible, you can also get some great health benefits by changing your standard office chair to a yoga ball chair.  You'll see increased balance, improvement of your core strength, and your metabolism will be working better!


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