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Will Removing Tonsils Cure Tonsil Stones

Updated on September 24, 2011

You will not cure tonsil stones by removing your tonsils. Some people seem to think that by removing the tonsils, you also remove the ability for the stones to form. This is correct, but tonsils stones are a by-product of waste that is being eliminated. This means that the body doesn't have the option to remove waste through the tonsils, and have to choose other ways. It is also possible that people without tonsils have more waste in their system and more energy is required to get rid of it making them more tired and more sensitive to infections.

You can read more about what will happen here: What can happen if you remove your tonsils?.

So what should you do instead?

You have to understand that every part of your body is there for a reason and if a part doesn't work properly, you have to find out what is causing it to function poorly. When it comes to tonsil stones, the answer is almost always diet. In some cases, it has to do with allergies and other conditions that upsets the immune system.

To remove tonsil stones, you have to correct the underlying factors such as diet and lifestyle and move into a state where your tonsils and body can heal and regrow. You have to become aware that the things you put into your body, will also affect it in some way. You therefore, have to choose food that is of high quality and that nurture your entire system. Don't ask how or what, because you are intelligent and you know what is healthy and nurturing if you only listen to what your body wants.

If you want an alternative way of getting rid of your tonsil stones, then I recommend that you read the following page: What are the causes for tonsil stones. It's full of valuable information as well as some diet tips.

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