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Do Knee Bands Work?

Updated on June 12, 2011

What is Jumpers Knee?

 Patellar Tendonitis is inflammation of the Patellar Tendon. This is the small but thick tendon between the kneecap and the shin bone. It is the final attachment point of the extensor mechanism that links your quadriceps and knee cap to your lower leg. Tendinitis in the knee is an overuse injury that is typically caused by running or jumping activities, hence the name "Jumper's Knee".

There are many different types of tendinitis, including Achilles Tendinitis and Tennis Elbow. Tendinitis is famous amongst the medical professions for being difficult to treat, especially when it becomes chronic.

Why is Jumpers Knee So Hard to Treat?

 The simple reason is that we never rest our legs. Patellar Tendinitis is a condition that ranges from inconvenient to extremely painful. It usually starts off as a very mild pain and slowly develops into a more significant condition. Because we find it difficult to rest our knees, often minor complaints progress further.

Avoiding aggravating acitivites can help control the condition but in order to limit its progression, rest and treatment are required.

Knee Band - Rest Jumper's Knee but Stay Mobile

Knee Bands are designed to reduce pressure on the patellar tendon. They transfer forces away from the attachment of the tendon to the bone, redirecting it to the knee band itself.

This reduction in force essentially "rests" the tendon while allowing the user to remain active. Users are still advised to avoid all aggravating activities, but the band reduces the irritation caused by everyday movement.

You can find a knee band online at

Treatment for Jumper's Knee

 A knee band helps rest the tendon, but further treatment is required.

All forms of tendinitis have been shown to respond to a form of exercise known as Eccentric exercise. Eccentric quadriceps exercise combined with a knee band is an ideal combination for treating patellar tendinitis.

A physical therapist can show you the relatively simple exercises that can cure this condition.

Knee Band Example

 The Aircast knee band has an aircell that evenly distributes pressure on the patellar tendon. This relieves pressure from the tibial tuberosity and makes it comfortable to wear.

A valuable addition to any patellar tendinitis treatment program.

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