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Get a Windsor Body Accelerated with the Winsor Pilates Workout

Updated on September 29, 2011

Pilates - Winsor Pilates

Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century as a program designed to rehabilitate WWI soldiers. Originally called Contrology because he believed one could use their mind to control the muscles, his program focused on core postural muscles which are essential to providing proper support of the spine and keeping the body balanced.

Instead of performing multiple repetitions of each exercise, Joseph Pilates preferred the use of fewer, more precise movements that required proper form and control. He designed over 500 specific exercises, most of them using a form called matwork which involves movements or calisthenics performed on a padded mat without the use of additional pilates equipment or weights. A Pilates reformer is not needed for matwork and both methods will give you the results Pilates is known for.

Winsor Pilates Exercise

Winsor Pilates Exercise
Winsor Pilates Exercise

The Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath as well as alignment of the spine in an effort to strengthen the muscles deep in the torso. Pilates realized that by strengthening the core of the body other health benefits would be realized and the success of his Contrology Program gave birth to an exercise program known today as Pilates.

The Winsor Pilates method is a form of Pilates designed by Mari Winsor, a certified Pilates instructor and one of the most sought after trainers by the biggest stars in Hollywood. Winsor Pilates uses a whole body approach to fitness and conditioning with the intent of strengthening the core of the body. The Pilates exercises are based on the concept of removing toxins while sculpting the body through a weight loss process. Winsor Pilates guarantees a mentally focused, fit body with a sleeker core.

Winsor Pilates has proven successful for a huge following of people and is now available in books, DVDs and videos providing easy access to this incredible fitness training right in your own home. The Windsor Pilates method provides almost instant visible results in the tightening of the abdominal muscles. This is definitely a huge factor in the programs appeal. The Winsor Pilates exercise program does not require any additional equipment making it an ideal fitness program that can easily be done at home or when traveling.

The Dynamic Sequencing Technique

The dynamic sequencing program was designed by Mari Winsor and focuses primarily on weight loss and body toning. The aim of the dynamic sequencing program is to build lean muscles in a minimal amount of time by using a unique collection of very controlled movements structured to work the entire body from head to toe.

The Winsor Pilates dynamic sequencing method focuses on a low impact workout designed to burn fat and tighten the body by strengthening core muscle groups and toning the abs. This dynamic sequencing is built around an easy-to-follow cycle of specific exercises optimized for maximum results. It works specific muscle groups in a precise order strengthening your “powerhouse,” while improving posture and stamina. Many people claim they see noticeable results in a matter of weeks.

A Winsor Pilates workout, as with Pilates in general, is an ideal strength training and muscle toning workout, yet it does not provide the aerobic exercise that is also necessary for weight loss and health. The elevated heart rate of aerobic exercise is essential and should be used in conjunction with your Winsor Pilates workout and a healthy weight loss diet.

Pilates Exercise

Pilates Workout for Fitness
Pilates Workout for Fitness

The Winsor Pilates Method Reviewed

Winsor Pilates DVD Programs – Pilates is a total body sculpting program designed to help you lose weight, sculpt lean, long muscles and reshape your body from head-to-toe. A Windsor Pilates DVD workout produces results!

Winsor Pilates Bun and Thigh Sculpting - Sculpt Your Body Slim (DVD)

Firm, Tone and sculpt your hips, inner thighs and outer thighs with the most effective and beneficial Pilates exercises. Follow these exercises consistently, three times a week and you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your entire lower body. Lift and shape your buttocks in just minutes a day.

Winsor Pilates Upper Body Sculpting - Sculpt Your Body Slim (DVD)

Upper Body Sculpting will help you tone and shape your upper back, shoulders and arms. A compact workout emphasizing shaping your arms, back and chest while keeping your core muscles engaged. Lightweight dumbbells suggested: 1 to 2 lb

Winsor Pilates 20 Minute Circle Workout and Accelerated Fat Burning (DVD)

  • The 20 Minute Circle Workout will streamline your body while maximizing the benefits of a Pilates workout. This program uses the Winsor Pilates Sculpting Circle to provide an increased level of resistance.
  • Energize your body with these fast, fun Pilates inspired moves in the Accelerated Fat Burning Workout.

Winsor Pilates Ab Sculpting (DVD)

The Pilates Ab Sculpting workout gives you a flatter and more defined stomach. The “Powerhouse” or midsection is the core around which Pilates exercises are focused.

Winsor Pilates Accelerated Body Sculpting (DVD)

Winsor Pilates dynamic sequencing technique firms, tones and strengthens muscles resulting in a sleeker more sculpted body in just minutes a day.

Winsor Pilates Maximum Burn Basics & Fat Burning - Sculpt Your Body Slim (DVD)

Two great Pilates workouts on one DVD

  • Maximum Burn Basics provides a challenging, fast-paced 20 minute workout with calorie burning and body toning moves.
  • Fat Burning Sculpt Your Body Slim is a fast workout designed to burn calories while incorporating cardio with your body toning workout.

Winsor Pilates Advanced Body Slimming - Sculpt Your Body Slim (DVD)

This workout provides a series of choreographed moves with a modular system that allows you to tailor your exercise routine. Beginner to advanced, modify your workout program to meet your fitness and endurance levels with a low-intensity, calorie-burning workout.

Is Winsor Pilates for Everyone?

While no exercise program is ideal for everyone, Winsor Pilates is an excellent fitness program that can be used by almost anyone.  Some people may have difficulty with certain exercises, but there are instructions showing how each exercise can be modified while you’re in the process of building the required strength.  Follow at your own pace and with time the exercises will all be manageable.  The bottom line, just about anyone can benefit from Pilates!  Pilates is often used for rehabilitation as well as its benefits as an overall exercise program.  As with any exercise program, speak with your doctor to be sure Winsor Pilates is right for you.


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