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Prices and Descriptions of Quality Boxing Gloves for Women in Fitness or Thai Boxing.

Updated on June 18, 2015

When your looking for the right boxing glove for fitness or for some other type of boxing class , the cost usually reflects the quality of the glove, but not always. A good glove of decent quality with an easy to open wrist strap is best. A quick and easy open and close wrist area of a glove is generally called "hook and loop". . Below are some of the gloves that are good for boxing, cardio box, kick boxing or for a similar fitness class. The gloves are also in a respectable price range for their what you get..

Boxing Glove Choices

Women’s Protex2 Training Gloves - A nice sturdy glove from Everlast, a maker of boxing gear for a long time. Contains hook and loop, thumb lock so your thumb stays in place, and claims to have a added wrist stabilization technology for added support. This glove sells for around 40 to $45 dollars and comes in 12oz size.

IBF Gloves - These Iron Body Fitness gloves are sold at Wal-Mart and range from 25 to 35 dollars. A simple glove that serves its purpose that contains a hook and loop strap Velcro and are 10 ounces. The gloves have an easy clean vinyl exterior shell and more importantly reinforced stitches.

UFC Pink Training Gloves - Seems to be simple in design and not much added to it compared to the gloves out there except that it claims to be better suited for woman’s smaller hands. Comes in 10oz glove and the cost is around $39.99. Not too spectacular but it is UFC written on it so that makes it cooler. You can buy these gloves at a variety of places but I know for sure at SportChek and from Amazon.


Twins Gloves Velcro Closure – Twins is a company that has been around for a long time and they have made some fantastic Muay Thai gear over the years. These twin gloves are a nice mix of price and quality and of course a nice easy and on and off Velcro strap. These gloves you do not usually find from your local sporting goods store, however they can be found online at many websites.

Women’s Pro style Training Gloves – This is an easy to clean glove with extra padding on the front and back of the wrist to encourage safe and proper punching technique and also contains an easy on and off strap. The best part of buying these gloves is that 5% of all purchases go towards the breast cancer research fund. This particular glove can be bought from Amazon and ranges from 15 to $30. To buy pair from Amazon click here!

Title Advance Fitness Glove - This type of glove is small lightweight and is actually part of what call aerobic glove due to its design. It is easy on and off strap and contains moisture wicking lining that keeps your glove cool and dry. Although i've never personally seen or heard it done, these gloves claim to be machine washable.

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Rival RB4-Econo Bag Gloves - Rival is a newer company considering the age of many other glove makers out there. How ever they have been known to make some of the best gloves out there time and time again. The RB4-Econo Bag Glove is their economy priced glove and is sold for $29.99. It also contains easy off and on wrist strap and best of all has a soft grip bar inside, for ease of training for extended periods of time.

Now I realize there are tons of better gloves out there. However at the time of writing this, all these gloves were the same approximate cost, of decent quality, and in some way they are generally bought by women or advertise towards women. I hope this has helped you to make a decision on which gloves to buy when you get started.

Glove Summary

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Where to Buy  
Womens Protex2 Training Glove
$40 to $45
Web / Amazon
Iron Body Fitness Glove
$25 to $35
UFC Pink Training Glove
Twin Gloves
Web / MuayThai Stuff
Women's Prostyle Glove
$15 to $30
Everlast / Amazon
Title Advance Fitness Glove
$19.99 to $39.99 / Web
Rival RB4 Bag Gloves

Right Gloves for Boxing Training


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