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A Review On Which Boxing Gloves are Best for Sparring and Fitness Kickboxing

Updated on December 7, 2015

When you’re buying boxing gloves regardless if it’s for Fitness Kickboxing, bag training, or sparring, you want to make sure that it fits, it protects well, its reasonable priced and that it is easy to get off and on. Your gloves should feel comfortable with hand wraps on as well. I always try on a few pairs of gloves with my hand wraps at a local mma or dojo place. Then I go online and buy them for cheaper, even with shipping included.


When it comes to the type of glove it is usually best to buy hook and loop gloves. This is because it makes it easier for you to get your hands in and out of the glove easier. So unless you’re going to be training in your garage at home on the bag by yourself, you need to make sure remember easy on and off hook and loop gloves. When it comes to the laced up types, save them for when you’re a pro and you have someone help you put them on.

Gloves for Sparring

Technically you could use the 12oz Everlast Protex ones I mentioned above. However if you’re going to be sparring with someone it is a good idea to get used to wearing the 16oz ones. The reason being is, they don’t usually use 12oz in most boxing or kickboxing competitions. Plus it is always nice to spar with someone who is considerate and wears higher protection gloves when they are hitting your face. So for men and women there is not much difference in the gloves, except that many times the glove ounces increase as weight class increases. Most gloves I believe are 16oz, so below I are suggestions based on my experience or from what others have told me in person.

Best Glove would definitely be by Rival. I’ve not personally used them myself as they are over my budget range for gloves. Although those who have or still use them speak highly of them. You can buy them from their website Costs can range from $89 to $119

Good Value Option would be instead of the Protex2 12oz you go for the Protex2 16oz gel boxing gloves. Same glove just thicker padding and it’s “EverCool” technology.

My choice would be the rivals however they are too expensive, so for me the 16oz standard Thai glove that is for sale is perfect (see picture). They are hook and loop, are amazingly priced, there 16oz, and yes again a great price, their downfall is they are made out of vinyl so not as durable as leather, so make sure you use them for sparing and have older gloves for on the bag. They sell between $25 to $39.

Hope this has helped you decide on what gloves to use and make your buying decision easier.

For Fitness Kickboxing or Kick boxing Classes

Everlast makes the worst glove for fitness kickboxing, an ok glove, and a fantastic glove as well. The big red super puffiness gloves that you can buy at Canadian Tire are great for playing around in your backyard. They however are impossible to get on and off after 10 minutes of sweating they become near impossible to get off and on. They have a tight wrist area and they are slip on so they are not made to be taken off and on. They are not worth the money as they go from around $20 to $30 CAN. I mention these because people buy them all the time because usually they are the cheapest.

Now for you females who may want pink gloves, Everlast makes what I think are the best overall gloves at its price. Its $30 – $40, they are 12oz, and hook and loop, so they are easy to get off and on. Nice value for what you get.

Now for guys (yes some females can use them too) there is a brand called Ringside and there cheaper quality, but for doing fitness kickboxing classes once or twice a week then they are a great value. They are priced at around $25.

For those of you were money is not an option or you like to buy the best because after all it is your knuckles and wrists we are talking about. Then I suggest Everlast Protex2 12oz Gloves (as seen in the picture) that sell for around $50. The extra wrist support that comes with the design of these gloves is fantastic and they are very comfortable. If you’re planning on doing fitness kickboxing or any form of non sparring contact training then these are worth the investment. | Source

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      I like Blue colored Glaves but black are also very awesome.