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Women's Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners

Updated on July 15, 2020
Women's Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners
Women's Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners

Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners

"Women's Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners" to be termed as appropriate when it is a combination of healthy eating habits, weight training, and cardio exercises. Noticeable results are attainable if you will be exercising for 5-6 times, weekly.

Burning calories is difficult if you fail to follow your plan for weight loss. It would be best if you had realistic goals which must also be achievable, safely. Like with other plans for weight loss, your plans need to be accompanied by a proper diet.

The proper diet plan also very helpful to lose weight for beginners. The fat burning foods that you need to add include green vegetables, whole grains, and almonds. You must follow the guidelines before you choosing your healthy diet plan to lose weight.

In addition to cardiovascular exercises, you must look into the technique and form while exercising. The aim is to avoid any injury and achieve desirable results.

5 Days Workout Plan

There is the Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners that involves exercising, and the target is specified, the women. The areas in which women tend to gain weight are in the belly region and thighs.

Therefore, the exercises that they engage in must target these areas. To eliminate the pear shape and tone the lower body, the routine must include a variety of leg exercises.

Here is a Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners that a woman can utilize when exercising.

First Day Workout Plan

On the first day, being the start of a week, you need to engage in cardiovascular exercises for about 50 minutes, and any break should be when changing machines.

When you engage in these exercises for at least 40 minutes continuously, the burning of calories will be effective.

Begin with 15 minutes on a treadmill, followed by the exercise bike, for another 15 minutes, and another 15 minutes at a cross-trainer.

Second Day Workout Plan

On the second day, you must stimulate the legs properly to get good results. This is because the legs contain strong muscle groups.

Since the legs carry the body weight, the bodyweight is not enough when stimulating the legs, as you work out in a gym.

Beginners are advised to start with less weight, followed by adding the poundage gradually. For lower body exercises, the ideal exercises are Leg Curls, Lunges, and Squats.

Third-Day Workout Plan

For the third day, abdominal exercises are crucial, because they help strengthen the core muscles and toning the belly.

Crunches are ideal for starting the workout, and you should do up to 3 sets and each with up to 20 repetitions.

This can be followed by about three sets of leg rising. With all the exercises, normal breathing needs to be maintained.

Fourth Day Weight loss Workout

According to this Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners, on the fourth day, the exercises should concentrate on the upper body. Begin with your chest, followed by dumbbell decline press, as well as incline press.

The overhead dumbbell press is ideal for shoulder muscles. Bent over rows can then be followed by bicep curls. Do 2 sets for each and make the repetitions to e about 15.

Fifth Day Workout plan

On the fifth day of the week, cardio exercises can be repeated. However, depending on your preference, you can have aerobic exercises as a substitute. For work for the full-body, you can opt for swimming.

6 Best Exercise for Weight Loss for Women

If you intend to lose weight, you must focus on two critical aspects during the process; this includes cutting down on calories and exercise. You need to be aware of the best exercise for weight loss, for the method to be effective. If you inquire from people around you, their answers will be different.

The experts define the best exercise as the one that you engage inconsistently. Note that you will also need a healthy diet in addition to regular exercising. The kind of exercise that you need to pay attention to is cardiovascular exercises.

Best Weight loss Exercise for Beginers

1. Walking
3. Jumping
5. Rock Climbing
2. Jugging
4. Swimming
6. Bicycling


Walking exercise is highly beneficial, although many people underestimate this. However, it is helpful if you will be walking regularly. The walking should be brisk and not strolling.

If you regularly walk for 30 minutes daily, you will be able to burn about 1080 calories, weekly. The intensity of this workout can be increased by walking on hills, inclines, and sprinting.


Jogging and running is the best exercise for many people that want to lose weight. The advantage of this exercise is that all you have to invest in is running shoes and time.

For people whose issue is belly fat, the ideal exercise for weight loss is jogging and running. If you jog at medium intensity, and for six days weekly, the result will be burning 1800 calories. However, avoid running on hard surfaces to prevent injuries.


Jumping rope is an excellent example of a cardiovascular exercise that is traditional. It is instrumental in burning fat, yet it is straightforward. You need to jump for about 20 minutes daily, and the result will be the whole body being worked out.

In addition to being ideal for cardiovascular endurance, it will enhance your performance in all sports. Other advantages of jumping rope include better eye-hand coordination, agility, hand and foot speed, and lateral movement. Again, it is an exercise that can be done indoors, at home.


Swimming is another exercise for weight loss that bears results, fast. It is an excellent exercise because the whole body is worked out. For individuals that are into cross-training, they can be combined with any other form of cardio exercise. For better results, engage in different strokes. Different strokes also introduce variation into the exercise routine.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is not only an exercise for weight loss but is also enjoyable. It strengthens the legs and arms and is also a cardiovascular workout. Especially with professionals that have time for exercising during the week, they can utilize the weekend by engaging in rock climbing.


One of the favorite activities that are also good for weight loss is bicycling. If you do not own a regular bicycle, utilize a stationary cycle. The intensity of your workout can be increased by varying the speed, as well as through resistance as you workout.

In order not to get bored and abandon the process of weight loss, ensure that the exercise that you engage is one that you prefer, personally.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Sanjay Chaudhary


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