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Wrap Dresses For Pregnant Women

Updated on December 11, 2010
Wrap dresses for pregnant women
Wrap dresses for pregnant women

If you have recently become pregnant, you may be thinking about ways to expand your wardrobe so that you have clothes that will fit your beautifully expanding belly.

Wrap dresses for pregnant womenis a great style choice.

This type of dress will wrap easily around the body and the ribbon or fabric tie will sit snugly above the baby bump and help show of your increasing bust line too.

Here are just a few examples of what is available to buy if you shop online today.

Printed Wrap Dress

Here is a lovely example of a wrap dress in the maternity range.

It is called a scoop neck wrap dress. It is made from a jersey fabric so that it is flattering for your figure and will allow for easy movement as you walk. There is no danger of this dress clinging uncomfortably to your body at all.

The fabric consists of 95% viscose with 5% elastane. It is this combination that ensures that it is not only easy to wear but it is also easy to maintain because it is machine washable.

Whether you are looking for something that is smart for the office or something that is suitable for everyday wear, this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe during those 9 months.

This is also available in purple as well as the printed fabric.

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Maternity wrap dress from The Gap
Maternity wrap dress from The Gap

Gap Cross Over Wrap Dress

This is another great example of a beautifully styled wrap dress for pregnant women which is available from the Gap.

It has been designed in order to flatter the body completely by being made with a slim fit through the bodice and falling softly and smoothly over your precious curves.

This is a simple and elegant dress that would be suitable for all occasions. It is made from supersoft rayon fabric, has long sleeves and wraps easily around the body with a co-ordinating sash that ties at the side just above the baby bump.

This is a wonderful dress for women who would like to accentuate their bust line as it does have a deep V cut neckline.

This maternity dress is available to buy in black or blue.

Almost A Wrap Dress

If you are a woman who likes the style of the wrap dress but would prefer to wear something that feels a little more secure and together then you could opt for this faux wrap dress.

It has been designed so that when you put it on it has all the appearance of a genuine black wrap dress.

This is due to the additional fabric in the front panelling that has been inserted onto the dress.

This is a knee length design that has bee made from a spandex / jersey mix fabric.

This will allow for stretch and comfort.


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