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Yes, Yes, Yes! The winter is weakening, and I see signs of spring!!

Updated on March 21, 2022

I simply must share this wonderful day with you all, my dear hubfriends!

At last it is happening; The winter in Swedenis loosen its firm grip on the frozen citizens in this country in the Northern hemisphere!

A day like this I want to dance like crazy in the streets and finally throw away scarf and hat and the heavy coat! Yes, I know, maybe I exaggerated just a little bit, I think I still need the scarf but the hat must go, and the big, heavy winter coat is replaced with a light wool jacket! Yes!

The ground is visible!
The ground is visible! | Source

Today, at last the temperature is steady around 5 degrees Celsius and the sun shines from a blue sky. I think I am in heaven! Lalala!

I can see parts of the actual ground in tiny spots where the snow has melted away! It is like a long lost view. There is still plenty of snow left as you can see but that doesn’t matter today: The spring is in reach!

For the first time since last year in the fall we are able to take our usual walk without freezing half to death or run the risk of breaking a leg or arm when sliding around on slippery ice and snow covered roads. Today the snow that remains is porous and I help nature by stomping and kicking at the icy snow a little extra when I walk. A day like this I notice how the whole society is wakening, at first a bit surprised, but many is forced out in the sunny weather walking or sitting near a wall with their faces turned against the sun. Although they are still fully dressed in jackets and such but they are enjoying the warmth and sit in shelter from the winds.


On our walk we pass the Alpacas which is one of the animals on the High School in our society; the Agriculture school. They are out as usual and try to find something to eat now when they can see the ground! We usually pick this way for our walk and it is also my running track. It is nice to follow the seasons i agriculture and watch the animals.

After this long cold period I think everyone longs for bit of warmth and for the sun. The darkness has subsided and now it is even light in the early morning when I go to work. It makes wonder for me who suffer badly from winter blues. This winter has been a terrible hard winter which you can read more about in my hub about the Swedish winter and last year the winter started in October and has last for five cold months! I have felt like my shoulders were stuck in an up drawn position for ever and now I feel I can slowly let them down as the temperature is rising!

That the snow still is present here and there doesn’t matter! I don´t even see the grey brown ugliness because just now that doesn´t matter. Today the little creak purls so bravely at least in one tiny spot! The trees are free from snow and ice and the Magnolias placed in front of a wall facing to the south have large buds. The birds already know, they sing their spring songs with all the beautiful tones! Marvellous, ones again it finally happens!

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

The beautiful magnolia flowers are on their way!
The beautiful magnolia flowers are on their way! | Source
Soon the water will flow free!
Soon the water will flow free! | Source
Gothenburg Sweden:
Göteborg, Sverige

get directions

Gothenburg i one of Swedens bigger cities located on Swedens westcoast.

Dingle, Sweden:
Dingle, Svarteborg, Munkedal, Sverige

get directions

My corner of the world!


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