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You Have Gym Goals, You Need Gym Rules

Updated on December 2, 2017

The Lifestyle 180 Degree Shift

By now your well aware that if your going to be serious about living a healthier life, your going to have to make some tough, but beneficial choices. The specific foods that you eat, your exercise routine, having a good sleep schedule and the actual purpose of your desired goals. All of the essential keys to reaching your goals will require a disciplined mentality. You are realistically changing your thought process about the overall healthy choices you make. It is similar to a tree and the keys are the branches and having a disciplined mind are the roots of the tree. Your priorities must shift and you changing your lifestyle from sodas, burgers, fried foods, sugary foods, etc., will slow your progress dramatically. Change your mentality before you attempt to change your body.

  • Have a Health Goal - Your fitness goal will be your motivation. This will help you to turn your health vision into your reality. A weight goal, a strength goal, and endurance and stamina goal, a sexy body goal, a perfect health goal, etc. Having your specific fitness goal in mind creates a sense of urgency and focus that will help you transform, perform and achieve your desired result.
  • Make Fitness a Habit - Habits will control your life. Bad habits as well as good habits. Make going to the gym, daily exercise, drinking plenty of water, etc., a day to day habit. Set aside at least 20 mins of physical training a day. Get rid of the negative unhealthy things you do and begin to make healthier choices a habit.
  • You Have No Limits - Don't limit yourself. Be Determined. Be motivated. Be focused. Be driven like you are in other areas of your life. Convince yourself that you can run a few more steps, push one more rep, finish what you started. Discipline your mind to control your body to do what you want it to do.
  • All Natural Only - Water, vegetables and fruits must become your primary sources of fuel for your body. Say goodbye to the unhealthy foods you have been eating. Own the discipline you need to not buy your favorite junk foods. Your body can't begin to transform if its still being feed bad foods and junk. All natural is the way to go...
  • Take a Friend - Sometimes having a battle-buddy with you so that you can support each other through your workouts can be helpful. You may need the extra push. Especially in the beginning stages of your training. The both of you can encourage one another while pushing it as hard as you can. The high-five at the end of a set from a friend is a great incentive.

The discipline you require will be tested daily. From your friendly workplace vending machine snacks to your family and friends tempting you with their favorite dishes and restaurants that have the foods that taste good, but aren't good for you. From not getting enough sleep because you binge watched your favorite shows and got only a few hours of sleep to skipping your exercise routine for a few days and getting off your game plan. The material, tangible things you need to live a healthier lifestyle are easy to just go out and buy. However, the self control, the focus, the drive and the discipline you need are the keys to achieving your fitness goals. Good luck!


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