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You Were Born A Winner- Reach Your Full Potential

Updated on September 28, 2015

Being successful is a journey consisting of several accomplishments. We were all born winners. Why? If understand the process of reproduction in Biology, you already know that sperm cell that played a part in your forming defeated the millions of others. Why now should you look defeated? What differentiates a winner from a loser is laser thin. It is not that you were born weak, from a poor background or disadvantaged in any way that you are not getting that thing that you really want. You were all born with that unique power or talent which should always make you a winner no matter what obstacles are on your way.The genuine reason why you are not getting what you always want is that you are not reaching your full potential. This article will focus on how you as an individual can manage to get the best of your abilities. It will explain how you can acquire the character of a winner.

Fertilization process

Winning the race
Winning the race | Source

Yes, I can!


1. Be confident about your personal abilities

Many people lose battles long before they start fighting. Battles here mean the obstacles that are on your way to achieving that thing which you have always wanted. It may be a good job.For example you go for an interview very early in the morning knowing very well that you have the right requirements for the position and when you enter the waiting area, you meet some of your competitors. They start bragging about their qualifications, accomplishment etc. Some people do crumble, feel like they are inferior, believe that they are not the best for the position. This lack of confidence plays a major role in failing to pass the interview. The hiring manager had shortlisted them as the potential employees because he or she had their qualification documents. He or she knows that that person can do the job and now they are losing the battle to the competitors even before the real thing. Confidence has won men great things in life. It is not always all about what you have but how you can get that thing that you do not have. Be a man of confidence and you will always conquer.

Be a good planner


2. Be a good planner

People do fail not because they do not have the right qualities or abilities but because they are disorganized. They do not have a working plan. It is like when an army is ambushed, caught unaware by the enemy.It suffers great losses. Likewise, you are likely to lose or fail to get what you were made for if you have not planned your battles. This means that your power is not concentrated to a specific point. It is spread all over. It is like comparing the potential of an equal amount of water, one flowing through a very narrow pipe and the other flowing through a wide pipe. Pressure or the impact will be higher in water flowing through a narrow pipe. It can move away any obstacle that is on its way. Planning allows you to focus your effort on a particular task at a particular time.

3. Be disciplined

Discipline is doing the right thing at the right time and in the right place. So do you qualify to be called a disciplined person? Opportunities that differentiate a winner from a loser falls at the right time and at the right place. If you are disciplined enough, you will get the opportunities which will help you reach your full potential. If you are that kind of a person who always get late for job, quarrel with your boss or colleagues then you ought to change. A disciplined army always wins the battle because it is always at the right place and at the right time. It obeys the instructions of the commander. It always has the right equipment for every battle. Be like that army. Let the opportunities not catch you off guard.

4. Do not be a quitter

If you this today and you fail and then you are elsewhere tomorrow because your yesterday was never successful, then you will be wasting much of your precious time testing waters. If many great innovators were quitters, then we would not be enjoying the great things were are today. Take your time to analyze things before saying it is over. Be a strong fighter. May be the last bullet in your gun is what will determine who will be the winner. Do not accept defeats so easily. You are strong and can really get it.

A good student prepares well before exam


5. Always be a good student

Life is like a school where you will keep on learning new concepts, new ways of solving problems,. A good student always take note of what he or she learns knowing that there is a probability that he or she will be tested on the area when the exam comes. A good student does not wait till when the exam os around the corner to do the revision or to get what is needed. It is like the parable of the ten wise and ten foolish bride who were waiting for the bride groom. The ten wise knew that the groom may be late and hence they ought to carry some extra fuel to sustain them till when the right time comes. The foolish brides did not reason in this dimension. When the wedding time came, The wise carried the day. Pay attention to every detail which may determine who the winner or loser will be.

6. Overcome fear

Fear is the greatest hindrance to success. Fears will not let you win any of your battle. Always remain strong and calm. You can make it. You will get it as long as you have done the right thing.


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    • Happy Moment profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from The Eastern Bypass

      @Lipnancy; Yes ,there are those who crumble but I think the main problem is failure to manage nervousness and everything gets out control

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      3 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      Did you ever notice there are certain people who can just impress anyone in the job interview and then there are others (like myself) who just crumble in an interview setting?


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