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You can take a bad experience and find that silver lining.

Updated on August 3, 2014

Rays of sunshine push through the fog in your brain.

In my own personal experience, out of something bad came something wonderful,

which lead to many other wonderful things.

This is my life and I wish I could see in the past what is good for me today, but

then again, like most people I can only see just want is in front of me.

What was in front of me wasn't indeed a good future and it wasn't

positive at all.

Out of something bad, truly there was a silver lining.

Instead of thinking of not knowing what to do, I did something.

I wanted to do this for myself and not for anyone else.

Life likes to teach us lessons, even if they are bad ones.

From a bad time in my life and I think it was going to get

worse because mostly everything and everyone around me

was very negative and had very negative energy.

So I found one thing that helped me.

It was the beginning of my "future".

I walked into a "dojo".

Of course at the time, I didn't really know the form

I wanted to look into, because I thought ok, let

me try martial arts.

I was doing this in my 30's and even just to learn

a little, I wanted to learn.

So at first where I lived I was trying to search for

the teachings of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, but

didn't know where to look.

I was driving around and I knew one place that

did teach martial arts.

Funny thing I kept driving by this one dojo, but

didn't want to go in at first.

One day as I was driving by I went past the dojo,

and this dojo like most dojo's has big glass windows you could see inside.

So I saw a class going on.

I know it was a form called Capoeira.

So I pulled up and stepped into the dojo.

I was amazed at an art form.

This was something I knew alot about but didn't know

if it was something I wanted to do.

But I talked with a few people in the class and then

I decided to try.

That try then turned into a couple of years and

just basic training.

This martial art didn't have trophies, but

did do performances and I got to travel with the group.

I even go to go to New York which was amazing when

I saw many people altogether with people respecting each other.

But that was just the beginning.

Now see if the bad things didn't happen, I wouldn't have never

woke up and stayed miserable and unhappy for the rest of my life.

I would have been stuck and stuck around negative things and

negative people.

So with that, I got into another passion, acting.

Actually come to think about I never trained, but just

went out to do dinner comedy shows that were

very much over the top.

I didn't complain, because I really was new to acting

and getting paid 25 dollars an hour for shows couldn't be

all that bad.

But then even after that I got into doing some films.

I met truly wonderful people who have became extended


What was even more of a silver lining, I got to start a radio

show which was affiliated with my big sister Charlie, who

in a way was one of the first women that I have looked up to in

my life.

I been on the air for 2 years now and have had over 85 thousand

people who have listened to my radio show, which is a blog talk radio.

Now I even am starting to promote even more things on my show,

including a fitness Center, Obie's Fitness and get to workout there.

Even with future films that I am part of, I know another thing

I am trying for, is to live in a warm place.

I know that i do have it in me now to work hard and do

the best I can.

My future I know that I will be living in a warmer place all

year round.

My ultimate wardrobe would be flip flops, shorts and bathing suits.

I lived in areas my whole life with the winter and I do not want

to live in winter area's anymore.

So I know as long as I work hard, I will become successful in

my own way.

So out of something really bad and bad experiences, made

me open my eyes and realized there is a silver lining through

the cloud and fogs.

The sunshine does make a break through, tiny at first but

then pushes the clouds out of the way.


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