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Your Body Is The World

Updated on November 23, 2009
"Omicron Contraction" - original painting by Robert Kernodle, 1999
"Omicron Contraction" - original painting by Robert Kernodle, 1999

Your Body Is The World

Robert Kernodle

Material substance is not a lowly thing—it is the basic stuff of all things.  Muscles and flesh are condensations of universal substance into a rare moment of consciousness that we should respect and maintain.

I find that most people do not understand that your physical body is who you are.  Flesh, muscles, bones, organs and their collective actions are what a person is.  Mind, emotions and spirit are extensions of the physical body.  Mind, emotions and spirit are vibrations of the body’s physical substance.  The body’s physical substance is composed from the substances of the world.  Consequently, the body itself is an extension of the world.

Everything You See Is A Part Of YOU

People living in modern societies have gotten themselves into bad habits.  The worst of these habits is a faulty attitude.  I am talking about THE most basic attitude of all—how a person thinks (or does not think) of his/her visible, tangible self.  A large number of people function unconsciously on the premise that the human body really is not an honorable thing.  Many of us categorize our thoughts and feelings completely apart from tangible material that creates these thoughts and feelings.

We think that our basic life energy is disconnected from anatomical structure.  In essence, we stumble about in the mind-vs.-body trap, and we may very well be allowing this trap to destroy us.  By carrying on our lives as though something beyond our bodies defines us, we dishonor the very thing that guarantees our daily existence.

The reality is that everything outside of our bodies IS our bodies.  Everything we touch in the world is an elongation of our bodies.  Everything we do in the space surrounding our bodies shapes our bodies—their mental, spiritual and emotional health.  A human body is not just arms, legs, torso and face—it is space, time, activity and flow everywhere we go.

Statistics Don’t Lie

Twenty years ago, when I was at the peak of my career as a fitness instructor, I was very optimistic about getting people in tune with their physical well-being.  Now, twenty years later, I see that obesity statistics are worse than ever.  More adults are overweight, more children are overweight, and more severely overweight people are even more severely overweight.  Obesity in civilized countries is a major health threat.  At the same time, people’s increasingly hectic lives allow even less time to focus on and to achieve a state of physical well-being.

These facts both disturb and amaze me.  How can this situation possibly exist, when so much health information flourishes?  How can this situation possibly exist when so many health products and health services exist?—when so many motivational speakers preach about health, exercise, good eating habits, and a balanced life?  We, as a society, obviously think the thoughts, and we talk the talk, but we still are NOT walking the walk of good health.

No Support System

A functional commitment to the physical substance of human well-being does NOT exist across the connected governments and businesses of modern civilizations.  In other words, NOT enough people in positions of high leadership and control have the right attitude about the human body.

Corporations control people through taste buds.  Governments control people through policies that fail to account for real, day-to-day requirements of living a life successfully.  Much of the medical-care network fails to employ methods of preventative care, because they support drug companies whose main aim is profiting from illness.  People, then, fail to control themselves, because the massive system that supports them fails to support the core, daily practices of good health.

Corporations, governments, health care networks, and people (all connected as a mutually supportive network) have NOT changed significantly.

Human anatomy has remained essentially the same for the past 200,000 years; yet our developed minds arrogantly ignore this fact, systematically disrespecting and destroying the mind’s root foundation, which is the body.

Our Only Help Is Ourselves

At no other time in history has it been more important for each human being to take individual control of individual life.  A comprehensive health network and philosophical support system does NOT exist.  What exists is a huge, profit-driven network that caters to people’s weaknesses, addictions and lack of discipline.

It is far easier to make money off needy, weak, sick, gluttonous people than it is to make money off self-sufficient, fit, healthy, conscientious people. 

We have to realize what sort of people we aspire to become, and do what it takes to become this sort of people.  No excuses.

Resist The Network Of Greed

  • Educate yourself with health information, including eating, exercise and environmental information.
  • Eradicate bad influences, including associations with people, places and practices that do not support your priority for health.
  • Participate regularly (even religiously) in regular physical activity, including striding, stretching, and strengthening.  “Striding” here simply means walking—it harmonizes with the other two “s” words, “stretching” and “strengthening”.
  • Do NOT let corporations trick you and rule you through your taste buds—they want you to buy and to eat as much food as you can, because it makes them rich.
  • Do NOT let your refrigerator rule you through your reflexes.  Just because you have food at hand does not mean that you should always eat it, especially if it is the wrong food at the wrong time.  Clean out your refrigerator, stock it with live foods (vegetables and fruits), and learn to prepare your own meals simply for good health.
  • Face your body.  Feel your body.  Focus your body.  Do NOT fail your body.  Your body is you.  Your body is your instrument in the symphony of living. 



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    • profile image

      ColdWarBaby 7 years ago

      Understood. It seems frustration is becoming an increasingly significant factor in life these days.

    • Robert Kernodle profile image

      Robert Kernodle 7 years ago

      TO ColdWarBaby:

      I made a long reply to your very insightful comment, but something went wrong in the hubpages posting system and it never made it/got erased. It was a pure moment that I refuse to cheapen with an attempted repeat. I hate that the glitches in technology can ruin pure exchanges this way. Very frustrating.

      TO Kevin:

      Same as above. Not going to waste my time trying to reinvent pure responses to technical failures that ruin them the first time.

    • profile image

      Kevin 7 years ago

      It was an excellent example that featured outermost diversity of inverted perspectives.

      It's good to see people looking inside-out, as opposed to being lost while looking for something outwardly apparent.

      Keep up the good works, featuring intuition and subconscious reasoning.

    • profile image

      ColdWarBaby 7 years ago

      By the way, your art is outstanding.

    • profile image

      ColdWarBaby 7 years ago

      Very insightful and thought provoking Robert. I like the way you think on this issue.

      It's certainly true that our life energy is not disconnected from our physiological functioning. Some will debate which predominates. Is the energy responsible for the body or vice versa? It then becomes a question not unlike that regarding the existence of the entire universe. Chicken or egg kind of thing. One fact I think is true however is that the life energy continues after the body has been used up. Energy cannot be destroyed.

      I would posit that, perhaps, our bodies are an extension of everything around us rather than the inverse, which seems a bit anthropocentric, a human trait I find more than a bit annoying.

      Your disturbing statistics, in my opinion, are the result of primarily one thing, the profit motive. The attendant marketing machine, which is nothing less than highly a sophisticated indoctrination program, has largely replaced much of human decision making capability with rote behavior. Pavlovian principles apply equally as well to humans or canines.

      The irrationally relentless demand of capitalism for a low cost, high profit ratio in all things has made the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle almost prohibitively expensive. Quality is inevitably sacrificed for profit. It has also led to the unfettered growth of factory farming and agribusiness, which are and have been for some time, steadily degrading the nutritive value of everything we consume while simultaneously poisoning the environment.

      Our masters do not wish us well and will not make it easy or affordable to become and remain physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. Sound body, sound mind for the masses is not exactly a market target for those who worship wealth and power.

      The only support system I see presently operational is the one that maintains the profit machine of free market globalization. Since mammon is the god of choice amongst the psychopaths who would be masters of the universe, they have little concern for anything beyond the bottom line, regardless of the consequences for all. Your points re corporations, governments and human arrogance are well taken.

      It is not only our individual bodies we have lost respect for but, more importantly, the body of Gaia, the Earth. If we continue our assault upon our Mother, she will soon, in geological time, be unable to support our continued existence.

      What must be taken into consideration, I feel, is that the profit-driven machine you speak of not only caters to but often creates, reinforces and perpetuates the weaknesses and addictions of its customers/victims. Profit driven consumerism is a snake that eats its own tail. It can only end in self-destruction.

      While it is true that we must learn to help ourselves, I believe it's in our nature to also help each other. This is a characteristic that the profit machine has sought to eradicate. It is indeed easier to prey upon people suffering the conditions you site. Such predation is made that much simpler if the victims feel isolated and separated from each other. When everyone is made to feel they are competing with one another to be "better", have only the "best", to always have more, they loose the ability to unify, to work together for a common good. Once their senses and awareness have been adequately dulled, they do not even recognize the need to unite against a common foe.

      Your bullet points are excellent. I would ask that you make only one modification, to the first.

      "Educate yourself" AND OTHERS "with health information, including eating, exercise and environmental information."

      I applaud your level of awareness and willingness to speak truth to power plainly. The ability to see the reality of what is right before one's eyes seems to be fading rapidly in our species. It would seem this capability is one you still possess. Well done, well met.

      "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."-J. Krishnamurti

      Even Neanderthals cared for the members of their troop/family. The archaeological evidence is clear.

      If we cannot live together in Peace and cooperation, we do not deserve to live at all.

    • Robert Kernodle profile image

      Robert Kernodle 7 years ago

      Hi Dale,

      It's always fun to find a new comment in a hub. Glad I made a positive impression. Verbal resonance is pretty cool. Postmodernist deconstructionists got it all wrong about language and meaning -- words DO make sense, and they make a difference in the quality and purpose of our lives.


    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 7 years ago from Canada

      What a wonderful Hub and what a wonderful hubber. Upon reccomendation of another Hubber I have included this Hub on my blog.

      You can find the link over at my profile.

      Thanks for the wonderful words of wisdom and truths.



    • Robert Kernodle profile image

      Robert Kernodle 8 years ago

      Green Lotus,

      Glad to make a connection here.

      I read your bio blurb-- I believe that you exceeded your twenty second allotment of time in that commercial (^__^) [NOTE simulated smiley face - well within sixth-grade understanding, to maximize readership of this insightful commentary].

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      This is terrific stuff Robert - well presented and full of wisdom. (Somehow I expected to see RebekahElle commenting here too as like minds are drawn to each other). I look forward to reading more of your enlightening Hubs! BTW I Found you within the "200 Hubbers of 2009" group.

    • Robert Kernodle profile image

      Robert Kernodle 8 years ago

      Hi rebekahELLE,

      Some people are born more in tune than others, I suppose. I started out dedicated to math and science, but my natural instincts pulled me away from these to pursue dance, health, and human performance. Then the visual art thing kicked in. Then it all started to make deep sense.

      This hub comes from all my contact with the world-- mind AND body,... body-driven mind.

      Glad to find a vibe with you.


    • rebekahELLE profile image

      rebekahELLE 8 years ago from Tampa Bay

      sometimes I wonder if there are other people who think like I do and then I find someone or hear something or read a hub like this one and I know there is someone else out there! I marvel at how people don't seem to get the connection that we are more than our thoughts. I love the line above: A human body is not just arms, legs, torso and face—it is space, time, activity and flow everywhere we go.

      we are connected. it is hard to explain but I sense it, especially when I am outdoors in nature. thanks for sharing. wonderful hub.