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Am I addicted? Take the APA 7 questions test.

Updated on June 30, 2008

Are you an addict...7 questions

The line between use and abuse, and between abuse and addiction get seem a bit fuzzy at times, and especially when your mind may be a lot clouded by regular intoxication and the effects of drugs or alcohol.

But it is important for you to recognize the severity of the problem as this can help you when making decisions about appropriate treatment needs, and best therapeutic options.

The APA test for addiction

The American Psychiatric Association uses a very easy to self use test of 7 questions to assess addiction, and if you answer yes to three or more questions you are likely addicted to either drugs or alcohol.

  1. Do you have a tolerance…do you need more of the drug or alcohol than you used to get the same effects?
  2. Do you ever feel withdrawal symptoms after stopping use, or do you ever use any other substance to prevent these symptoms (e.g.…using benzo's instead of alcohol)?
  3. Do you ever take more of a drug or alcohol than you had intended on? For example, you go out for a drink at lunch intending to get back to work, and end up have 10 and writing off a day at the office.
  4. Have you ever tried to reduce your usage, and found that you cannot, or that you soon find yourself using at the same level again?
  5. Do you have a preoccupation with the drug? Which means, do you spend a great deal of time, thinking about getting, using and then recovering from the use of drugs or alcohol?
  6. Have you ever stopped participating in worthwhile activities that you used to enjoy because of your drug or alcohol use? For example, you used to enjoy an early morning hockey league…but with hangovers, cannot any longer.
  7. Have you ever continued to use drugs or alcohol even in the face of adverse social or health consequences? For example, getting reprimanded at work or gaining excessive weight.

If you can honestly answer yes to three or more of these questions, you may have an addiction issue, and should probably seek out some form of professional help for assistance. If you do not answer yes to three of these questions, but are having doubts about your drinking or drug use, you are likely a substance abuser, but not yet dependant.

If you answer yes to less than three

If you are not yet dependant, you are at great risk to become so if you do not curtail your usage, but the difficulty in reducing consumption is much less than for addicted people, and you may well be able to stop or moderate your consumption without professional help.

Moderation is always the key, but for too many of us moderation gets thrown out the window along the road to abuse and dependency. If you need some help with drinking or drug use, consult with a local doctor for advice, with local addictions services, or visit an AA or NA meeting for advice.

Substance abuse problems very rarely go away on their own, and it takes determination, and often professional help to better addiction, and enjoy a life of sobriety.

Good luck


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    • profile image

      The all Knowing 5 years ago

      Wow, you're all just mentally weak when it comes to self strength. Moderation is key but will power is just as important as the sun that rises every morning. I've been smoking for years and its really pathetic reading about people who can't control their pot or even their emotions for it. The only restrictions in every one of your lives are the ones you make yourselves. Who says you have to stop? Who says you have to start? Do what YOU want to do. People should be living life the way they want no matter what the conflicts are. I mean come on, I'm seventeen and even I'm more responsible about marijuana than my elders are. If you can't handle your shit than you shouldn't be smoking in the first place. There's no right or wrong in life. There can't be weak if there's no strong...

    • profile image

      reefed 5 years ago

      I agree that a bullshit article is not the way to diagnose yourself. I've smoked for ten years and am scared I've dumbed down my brain. I cannot think systematically its like my thoughts are scattered with overemphasis on unecessary things. I also forget stuff more easily-i used to be so sharp. I love weed and I don't think its a bad thing, much less dangerous then alcohol but you need to be able to control your use and I cannot do that so I must stop

    • profile image

      ifhmg 5 years ago

      I think I drink to much but never to the point of belligerency and i do not shirk my responsibilities to do so. I have alcoholism in my family but honestly, I think Im just really bored. Im about to graduate college and I have decent temp job lined up afterwards. I don't have many responsibilities so...I drink with friends because there isn't much else to do. I might be in denial but I inquire into my motives for drinking quite regularly to make sure I'm not going down an addictive path. Any suggestions or thoughts?

    • profile image

      uhhh yut 6 years ago

      I am currently sixteen I began smoking weed at fourteen. I did to forget about reality and it worked for a little. I grew tolerant and began using more and more. I went to rehab for my addiction. And I am currently drug free for three months so far. I think about smoking just one more time every day, but I'm afraid to become addicted again.

    • profile image

      Bayougurl 6 years ago

      Gunja ur 63 yr old ass is retarted and dumb ass hell...enough said. Read what u type before u post it. If you have been using pot for 28 yrs don't u think u were addicted for 28 years fool....ignorance!!!!

    • profile image

      Fredrick 6 years ago

      Its the the first week that's hard t get through until your first good nights sleep, break the cycle, do something crazy, be brave jump on a plane, travel to where you don't know anyone and walk home, leap of faith (in yourself not the God shit). If that doesn't work then accept your habit. Your probably just bored shitless and surrounded by dickheads.

    • profile image

      drek 6 years ago

      just shoot yourself or go to rehab

    • profile image

      derek 6 years ago

      i get so depressed when i drink cause when i quit for the weekends i feel better then i drink and my depresion comes back ten fold and i try to go out anywhere and they expect me to be the life of the party cause i get so drunk and i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired any suggestions on how to help me everytime i want to quit it feels like i get drug back in to the life style and it's killing me mentally and physically when my family is full of alcoholics and substance abusers how can i do it without leaving my family cause nobody supports me!!!!! lost and alone

    • profile image

      Doug 6 years ago

      I have been in denial of the increasing severity of my drug abuse. Now it's undeniable. Truly though, my main concern is finding out what is driving the self destructive pattern that is causing me to ignore all of the symptomatic drug abuse and the consequences. It's insanity! Anyone whom has found any resolve from somewhere or someone other than these homogenous cults. Please let me know...

    • profile image

      anythingyoulike 6 years ago

      I gave up 2 days ago well I say gave up more like run out.... Any links to share?

    • profile image

      Idiots Anonymous? 7 years ago

      You really need an article of bullshit online to tell you if you're addicted to something? This just shows the general public of this world is "STUPID" unable to care for themselves and need a babysitter aka the Government to hold their hands. Well of course protect the stupid because the stupid are the ones who hand over their power to anyone. The stupid are the ones who slave away and then give all their money away to stupid shit. Good day Stupids!

    • profile image

      Nontard 8 years ago

      63, uh huh... More like 16, smoking pot in your dads tool shed and spitting some bull shit on the interwebs

    • profile image

      Ganja peddler 8 years ago

      your all idiots if you have marijuana addiction its retarded i been smoking pot fo 28 years every day and i just took a 2 year break im 63 now and i feel fuckinnn GGGRREAT

    • profile image

      Mike 9 years ago

      another sign of addiction is: do you depend on the substance to prime your inner personality before going to a party or meeting someone special?