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Advantages to lifting weights

Updated on October 3, 2019
Harold Anthony Taffe profile image

Harold is a navy vetaren who has been working out for the last 2 years with goals to share his love for working out . Educate yourself

Advantages of Weight Lifting

Hello everyone! My name is Harold Taffe, and it is very lovely to meet you all. I want to talk to you today about the advantages of lifting weights and how they can be beneficial in your life. I will be covering three main advantages. While there are many advantages I would like to cover, I believe these three will give you an exceptional understanding of the benefits of weight lifting in your life.

1. Fat loss and Muscle development

First, let's define precisely what weight lifting is? Weight lifting is defined as a sport or activity that consists of lifting barbells or heavy weights. Now that we know what weight lifting is let's talk about what it does for you. statistics suggest 41% of the U.S get into weight lifting is to lose fat and gaining muscle. Now, who wouldn't mind losing some fat or gaining some muscle? A lot of people believe that the key to losing fat is actually in cardio when weight lifting is just as important if not more. Let me explain: when you weight lift, you build muscle. So what does that mean for you? Muscle is what people call metabolically active. In layman terms, that means that the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism is, which will eventually cause you to burn more calories. When you burn more calories, you lose more weight. Now to me, I would consider that a win-win; not only are you gaining muscle, but you are also losing weight in the process.

2. Self love and rise in confidence

Next, I would like to talk about the second advantage, which happens to also be one of my personal favorites: self-love and overall confidence in one's self. Lifting weights is a great way to build confidence in one's self. In the weight lifting process, you will not only gain a new found love for your body, but it is a fantastic feeling being able to see the accomplishments of all your hard work. Most people start to look at themselves with more appreciation. Studies show when you put forth effort into something, you tend to be more invested in the process, and are more satisfied with the results: in this case, your new body and the product of your hard work. When you work out, it promotes a more stress-free lifestyle, and you genuinely start to want to make healthier choices. Why is this? You ask. While working out, your body produces endorphins that stimulate the mind, providing a feeling of happiness. My favorite book states, "where the mind goes the man follows," so when you are lifting weights, you put yourself in place mentally to enjoy your life but also make a better one. What do I mean by that? I'm saying, lifting weights improves not only your body but also your mindset and life overall.

3.Body stress relief

Are you not convinced yet? Let me reassure you; weight lifting is a form of medicine that helps both your body and mind. This is considered a fantastic treatment for people who have back pain, and it also helps prevent further injuries. How you ask? When you lift weights, it not only helps you with your weight and confidence, but you are building bone strength. In this process, it makes your bones denser, which will make it harder for you to break or fracture any bone. Did I just say you can build up your bone strength? Yes! It is incredible what we can do when it comes to building up our body, and our joint and ligament strength. It helps distribute the stress that we put on our bodies on a day to day basis. Activities resulting in less stress, and wear and tear to the body, like your spine, sounds good right? When you work on your body, making other areas stronger helps lessen the wear and tear you put on your spine, and it changes your posture, making you look more put together. Weight lifting is not (according to popular belief) just something for competitive, narcissistic or adventurous people. It is something I believe everyone in the world would benefit from and enjoy.

What are the take aways?

Working out is more than just a bunch of meatheads in a gym grunting, sweating, and checking themselves out. Weight lifting is full of hidden benefits, some more apparent than others. I believe it is safe to say that in general, weight lifting is beneficial for not just your body, but your mind as well. Now that you have received this information, what are you going to do with it? I will leave that up to you. But I will put this out there if you want to be more than you already are, why not give weight lifting a shot? You may love the doors that will be opened up to you.
In conclusion, let me leave these words of encouragement with you: A healthy mind produces a healthy body, and a strong body produces a confident soul. Do it for you! If you don't, who will? Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!

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© 2019 Harold


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