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All About Fat Burning Foods

Updated on November 11, 2013

When you are on a diet and trying to drop some pounds, you need all the help you can get. Some people suffer from being overweight their entire lives, starting with childhood obesity, while others run into problem later in life. Losing weight is hard work, and assistance from any side is more than welcome. This can be from a good friend who supports your efforts and helps to keep your willpower strong. It can come from a professional whose job it is to keep you on track with your weight loss program, whether this be doctors, nutritionists, or the staff at your gym. All the people in your life are your support system, the folks who make the effort of losing weight worth it.

Did you know though that in the fight against unwanted pounds that the foods you eat can be one of your strongest allies? And not just the foods you cut out from your diet, the high calorie, high fat things like cookies and candy and bacon. No, there are actually foods that you can eat that help you lose weight, that aid your body in shedding the pounds, that act as fat burning foods. Certain kinds of food tell your body to raise its metabolism and to keep it raised. This means that your body is burning off more calories, even when you are relaxing after a long day.

Fat Burning Foods and Your Metabolism

You may have heard a lot about your metabolism and how it is important when you are losing weight to keep it running high. This is because your metabolism is like the engine that runs your body. When it is running at a high rate of speed, it is burning off more calories, and doing so more efficiently. On the other hand, if your metabolism is low, then it is going to be much harder to lose weight, even if your calorie intake is very small.

The trick then to the most efficient weight loss is to keep your calorie intake on the low end of the spectrum while maintaining a high body metabolism. The interesting thing is that there are foods that you can eat every day that will help your body do this. These are what are known as fat burning foods. These foods literally burn up fat and calories as you eat them. Read on to learn about some of the best fat burning foods.

Proteins as Fat Burning Foods

You have probably heard a lot about diets that are based on daily intake of lean, protein rich foods. This is because protein revs up the engine of your body, your metabolism, and keeps it high throughout your day. In fact, lean proteins are one of the most efficient of all the fat burning foods. Thus, chicken, turkey, lean cuts of beef, most fish, and the whites of eggs are all excellent fat burning foods. All of these dishes give your metabolism a boost. What’s more, the protein contained in these foods keeps you from getting hungry during the day and snacking on unhealthy things.

Whole grain foods, like cereal, bread, oats, and the like, are a necessary part of your diet and are fat burning foods
Whole grain foods, like cereal, bread, oats, and the like, are a necessary part of your diet and are fat burning foods

Whole Grains as Fat Burning Foods

There is a lot of talk these days about keeping carbs out of your diet if you want to lose weight. And it’s true, if you are trying to shed pounds, things like white bread and bleached wheat pastas should be avoided. However, whole grain foods, like cereal, bread, oats, and the like, are a necessary part of your diet and are fat burning foods. The high fiber in these foods as well as the complex carbohydrates keep your insulin levels low, acting as a boost to your metabolism. The fiber also stays in the stomach to keep you feeling full for longer.

Other Fat Burning Foods

Did you know that chili peppers contain an ingredient that helps to suppress your  appetite and boosts your metabolism? They do, and capsaicin is the chemical in peppers that makes them into a fat burning food. This is the same ingredient that gives peppers their hot zing, acting at the same time as a metabolism booster. Green tea also contains a chemical, EGCG, that acts as a fat burning food. This chemical speeds up the working of the nervous system, helping you to stay alert while burning calories.

All of these foods, from lean cuts of beef to green tea, are your friends during your diet. They help keep you well fed and well energized, all the while burning up fat.

A Few More Tricks

Seeing as you're interested in having food that is good for you and helps you lose weight, you'll want to make sure try and get the most out of all your foods. Here are a few more tricks to help you get the most health benefits out of your fat burning food choices:

1) Go raw whenever you can. Of course, this is not so much meant for meat, but fruits and vegetables. We cook out a lot of the nutrients we eat when we cook our food. Whenever you can, eat your food raw, like in a delicious salad.

2) Go organic. There is a lot of organic food information out there that will tell you all you need to know about why organic food is beneficial, but in general, you want to try and keep potential chemicals out of your food to get the most benefits from them. You can't always go organic, but when you can make the choice, try it out!

3) Go vegan. You don't ALWAYS have to eat vegan, mind you. Just some meals here and there. The stomach has an easier time digesting vegetables than it does protein. It also gives you a less full feeling when you're finished, so you don't feel sluggish and miss your evening workout.

Getting the most out of your food will help you to lose weight and help you to feel better. Food is fuel, as they say! So give your body the fuel it needs!


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