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Best Portable Vaporizer Review: Vaporization On The Go

Updated on October 7, 2012

Best Portable Vaporizer Review: Pocket and Personal Vaporizers for Discreet, Healthy Herbal Consumption

Portable vaporizers are rapidly growing in popularity as a method for consuming marijuana. Portable vaporizers offer the health benefits of full size vaporizers but can be slipped into a pocket and taken anywhere. Because they produce very little odor they can be used discretely in many situations.

There are several popular vaporizers for use with marijuana buds: the Magic Flight Launch Box, the Iolite portable vaporizer.

Top Vaporizers: Iolite, Iolite Wispr, Magic Flight Launch Box

Best handheld vaporizer

While the Magic Flight Launch Box is powered by rechargeable batteries, the Iolite portable vaporizer is powered by butane. Both heat the herbal material to just under the combustion point, allowing the herbal material to release vapor which is inhaled.

The Magic Flight Launch Box has a great tangible feel to it's design, with very simple and rugged construction. To use it, finely ground herbal material is placed in the tray, and the transparent lid closed over the material. A rechargeable battery is inserted into one end of the vaporizer, which when pressed heats the herbal material to the point of vaporization. The vapor can be inhaled directly from the device, or through a small included tube. The real beauty of the Magic Flight Launch Box is it's deceptively simple design - while some call it "low tech", it is extremely reliable, durable, and easy to use. Each one is made by hand and comes bearing a unique serial number. The Magic Flight also comes with a fantastic lifetime warranty. The Magic Flight Launch Box includes a battery charger.

For a full Magic Flight Launch Box Review, as well as MFLB tips and tricks, check out:

Best portable vaporizer - Magic Flight Launch Box, Iolite

Iolite Portable Vaporizer

The Iolite personal vaporizer (and it's new cousin, the Wispr) work on a similar principle as the Magic Flight, but use a butane powered heating element instead of electric. Ground or whole herbal material is inserted into a circular chamber in the Iolite. Clicking the on button of the device begins the priming phase, which lasts a few minutes and heats the device to optimal vaporizing temperature. Once at optimal temperature the user can inhale through the attached tube.

Pros and Cons of portable vaporizers

Both devices work well, but have their own drawbacks. Some complain that The Magic Flight Launch Box batteries need to be recharged frequently using the included charger. While the base model launch box comes with two rechargeable batteries, many sellers on Amazon include four or even more batteries for the same price. As well, an AC adaptor is available on Amazon, and allows the launch box to connect directly to any AC outlet.

The main drawback of the Iolite is the need for it's butane tank to be refilled. As well, some users feel that they inhale spent butane gas while using the device.

Both devices are extremely quiet, low odor, and of a design that does not draw attention if using in public. Users of both the Iolite vaporizer and the Magic Flight Launch Box report usage in movie theaters, shopping malls, bars, etc.

Magic Flight Launch Box pocket vaporizer usage and review

Iolite Vaporizer video review

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