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Magic Flight Launch Box Review (MFLB) - Best Portable Vaporizer Review

Updated on December 7, 2012

Magic Flight Launch Box Review - MFLB Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) is the smallest portable vaporizer on the market. It's also arguably the easiest to use, the most healthy, and the most durable. It's no surprise that the launch box is consistently voted the best portable vaporizer on the market.

The MFLB has a number of advantages over other portable vaporizers on the market. The MFLB is truly tiny compared to every other vaporizer - it is only slighlty larger than two boxes of matches. The MFLB heats instantly and can be used within 5 seconds, much faster than most other vaporizers which require a few minutes of "priming" before use. The MFLB is powered by rechargeable batteries, which is much safer and healthier than butane powered portable vaporizers.

The Magic Flight is made of beautiful hardwood, with a clear plastic cover on top, and a thoughtful message engraved on the back. Most people notice the MLFB has more "character" and generally more appeal than the plastic and metal that most other portable vaporizers are made from.

Where to buy a Magic Flight Launch Box cheap - Get a great deal on a Launch Box on Ebay. Many sellers include bonus gifts and / or free shipping.

We're often asked how to get the best deal on the MFLB. While sellers are restricted from selling the MFLB below the MSRP, many sellers offer great bonus extras for the same price. Many sellers include spare launchbox batteries, herb grinders, and others. This Magic Flight Launch Box Review recommends choosing a seller who includes at least 4 batteries, as this will double the usage time of your MFLB.

Below are the absolute best Magic Flight Launch Box deals on Amazon and Ebay. Don't bother searching for hours - we've found the sellers offering the best packages and listed them below.

The famous MFLB tin
The famous MFLB tin

Magic Flight Launch Box Basics

Full Detailed Magic Flight Launch Box Review

No Magic Flight Launch Box review would be complete without mentioning all the goodies that come in the box. The Magic Flight comes in a reusable metal tin - very handy for storing your MFLB, or for storing other items. The basic MFLB includes the Launch Box, 2 special rechargeable batteries, a compact battery charger, an inhalation tube, a manual, and even a handy white brush for cleaning the MFLB. As mentioned above, many sellers include additional items such as extra MFLB batteries, herb grinders, storage containers, and more. We highly recommend purchasing from a seller who includes extras - see above for the best Magic Flight Launch Box combos on Amazon.

How to Use your Launchbox

The first step is, of course, to charge your batteries. The included battery charger is quite good and charges two batteries in about an hour. It has an auto shut off feature to prevent the batteries from overcharging, and has individual circuits so each battery is charged individually. Note that a Magic Flight Launch Box power adapter is available. The MFLB power adapter plugs into a normal wall outlet and boasts a fully adjustable temperature range, to allow for optimal, repeatable vaporizing temperatures. To find out more about the Launch Box power adapter check out this review: Magic Flight Launch Box Power Adapter Review

After charging your Launch Box batteries, place ground herb into the chamber of the MFLB. To maximize the effects of your MFLB, grind the herb as small as possible (see below for tips and a picture to show the proper grind consistency). As a rule of thumb, if your ground herb could fit through the holes in a bug screen, it is small enough for effective vaping.

After loading the tray, simply press the battery into the battery hole. A small orange light inside the MFLB indicates that it is on. Wait 5 seconds and begin inhaling. After inhaling for 10 - 20 seconds, release the battery. That's it!

Magic Flight Launch Box Tips and Tricks - Tips for getting the most from your Magic Flight Box

Initially, some users report dissapointment with their MFLB, but this is almost always due to improper use. The following MFLB tips and tricks will ensure your MFLB experience is as good as anything.


Grinding the herb to the right consistency is key. Most grinders do not grind material small enough to be efficiently used by the MFLB. The smaller you can grind the herb, the more surface area of the herb is heated, and the more vapor released. As a rule of thumb, ground herb bits should be small enough to fit through the holes in a bug screen. If your grinder does not produce a small enough consistency, consider using an electric coffee grinder, or even using a sharp knife and cutting board to mince the herb.


Inhaling too quickly from the MFLB can cool the herb, reducing the temperature and reducing the amount of vapor. For optimal vapor, inhale as slowly as possible. This seems counterintuitive to many people, who are used making strong, cigarette type inhales to make a big ember. Remember that with the MFLB, the heating is already provided by the battery, and your inhale only need be strong enough to pull the vapor into your lungs. Many users report the best results by placing the MFLB on their mouth, but inhaling through their nose. If you see vapor or smoke escaping from the MFLB, inhale more strongly.


Regular stirring of the herb is essential to consistent and optimal heating. The MFLB comes with a small white brush for this purpose. As a rule of thumb, herb should be stirred after every 3 inhales. Be careful not to press on the metal screen with the brush.


Over time the MFLB can build up residue of material. This is easy to clean with the included white brush. However if more thorough cleaning of the metal screen is required, a Q-Tip dipped in isopropyl alchohol will quickly remove any residue and return the screen to new condition. Be careful not to let any isopropyl touch the wood parts of the MFLB, and let the MFLB sit for at least 12 hours after cleaing to allow full evaporation of the alchohol before use.


MFLB batteries are heavy duty and high discharge, but like any batteries, need to be replaced over time. I have found that after one year of daily use, my batteries began to hold less charge. Luckily replacement batteries are cheap and available on Amazon.

Extra Batteries for Magic Flight Launch Box

It's a good idea to replace your MFLB batteries every year or so. Below are some of the best deals we've found for spare magic flight launch box batteries, as well as other magic flight launch box accessories.

MFLB Video

Magic Flight Launch Box VS Ploom Pax - Magic flight box review vs Ploom pax review

The Launchbox has a cult like following, loads of charm, and a relatively low price. The Ploom Pax is the high tech newcomer to the portable vaporizer scene, but comes at a higher price. Which is your choice as best all round portable vaporizer?

Which is the best all round portable vaporizer?

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    • spaceship profile image

      spaceship 4 years ago

      @cristinal76: Thanks for your kind words Cristinal76, the Magic Flight is certainly an awesome vaporizer and I'm glad to find other people who appreciate it.

    • profile image

      cristinal76 4 years ago

      i just loved your portable vaporizer review of the magic flight launch box vaporizer review, once again, with your comparison of the different grind levels of herbs, really helped me out, since I all ways used larger chunks in my trench, but now I realize that the finer ground your herbs are the better draw you can get and the larger your inhalations actually are, which makes for some awesome vapors ,)

    • BikePro profile image

      Graeme 5 years ago

      This is a great review of the Magic Flight Launch Box, seems like a really great portable vaporizer. You seem really knowledgeable on the subject... :)