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Updated on July 18, 2012


Many people suffer from depression and women outnumber men 2 to 1. One-fourth of all women suffer with major bouts of depression at some time in their lives. Otherwise known as the blues (fleeting depression) which is a normal reaction after losing a lover, job, friend, etc. or the death of someone close; but this is only until you get over the shock/grief and get on with living. In other words it's a ritual for many who are suffering from mild bouts to grab their blanket, snacks, sodas, shut down all communications and lock themselves away until they come to terms with their loss.


For others, depression is an life long battle caused many times by an chemical imbalance or some type of trauma in life. Major depression is more than unrelenting sadness or inability to enjoy life's pleasures. Some eat and sleep excessively while others have severe sleeping and eating disorders in which they are depleting their bodies of needed rest and nourishment. Many symptoms begin with not sleeping and just wanting to be left alone.They will seclude themselves into darkened rooms and not communicate with friends nor family. Over time severe disturbances in their sleep and appetite begin to cause medical problems and if left untreated will end in possible death. Unlike regular depression; Chronic Depression, symptoms become increasingly severe until they begin to impair your normal everyday routines. Many know something is wrong but are clueless as to why. When asked why many are unable to tell you the cause or when their decline began. It's somewhat like dealing with a person whom has amnesia; because they forget everything about the person they once was, before suffering with this disease of the brain.

They no longer possess the ability to feel emotions other than sadness, guilt or hopelessness. Many describe the feeling as "empty." However, at times they will become very irritable, have problems concentrating, remembering or making decisions. The individuals that are driven however may not experience these symptons. Instead they will be persistent in their drive. They will keep going and going until they flip out. The severity of symptoms varies from woman to woman, as well as man to man. People dealing with Chronic Depression accompanied by Bi-Polar Syndrome experience all of these emotions at once.

Being emotional creatures women tend to dwell too much on their feelings until they drag themselves down. However, women suffer from many things in this life a man does not and therefore are more prone to trauma which will eventually lead to depression. Believe it or not "Marriage" is also a risk factor for women. Dealing with mentally or physically abusive and cheating husbands will take a heavy toll on a married woman. Poverty is the path to depression for all people. For instance many rich people facing poverty will rather kill themselves. Just imagine dealing with it every single day!

Experts say the most effective way to cope with Chronic Depression is through counseling and or medication. With the high cost of health care many are not able to receive proper treatment if any. However, I know someone whom has been treated with different medications and received various counseling for almost 30 years and is still dealing with chronic depression. They have their moments of peace and clarity; but for the most part is consumed with the diseased. The biggest fear that keeps them fighting is not appearing to be vulnerable. This person perceives people as evil and fear being hurt by them.

Many experts perceive any form of depression as an excuse to feel sorry for yourself and to me this is an unfair assumption; because until you have walked a mile in that person shoes; you cannot fairly speak on this matter. The job of the mental health professional, is to properly diagnose and treat the disease. Better yet be thankful they are battling within themselves instead of harming others. Because many experts will not address nor acknowledge that violence is a very strong defect in a person suffering with depression. If given the right circumstance that very person whom is feeling down will rise with the rage of a beast and will harm someone as well as themselves.


For someone whom is dealing with a mean bout of the blues or deep depression, the experts say there are a number of things you can do for yourself to help you dig your way out:

  • Do not set difficult goals for yourself or take on a great deal of responsibility. Expecting too much from yourself only increases chances of failure, which will only make you feel worse. "?"
  • Break large overwhelming jobs into small manageable ones, set some priorities and deal with things as you are able to do so.
  • Don't make major decisions, such as moving, changing careers, getting divorced, without talking things over with close friends or trusted relatives. Try to put off making important decisions until your depression is over.
  • Avoid being alone. Spend time with other people. Try talking to them about something other than depression.
  • Participate in activities that make you feel better. Try going to a movie, a ball game or other social activities.
  • Exercise. Studies suggest that people who are depressed feel better when they exercise on a regular basis. Aerobic exercises, in particular (jogging, walking, swimming, biking), generate a significant antidepressant effect.
  • Eliminate caffeine and refined sugar from your diet. One study showed that those who did experienced a significant decline in their depression, and they maintained that status at a three-month checkup.
  • Don't binge on junk food and don't skip meals. Instead, maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  • Indulge yourself. Give yourself a treat once in a while, something just for you, just because it makes you feel good. Examples: Hot bubble bath, a night at the opera, square dancing, whatever.

Okay, okay...I must respond to this one for the less fortunate. Here goes: we are lucky to make bubbles when we fart in the bath water and more than blessed if we have hot water, if you could afford to go to the would not be depressed, as for the square our world that's defined as ducking and dodging bullets, bats, fists, etc. and last but definitely not least whatever you say.

  • Don't get upset if your mood is not greatly improved right away. Feeling better takes time. "?"

Now for all my Christian friends of course we take it to the Lord in Prayer. As for all my other friends we have our different methods on spirituality. Some pray to Buddha, Allah, etc., Mostly all of us burn candles and incense. But generally none of us would want to be examined by some head doctor making things worst than what they already are, especially when they are doing so with an bad attitude.

If you or someone you know are suffering from depression please seek help that's appropriate for you otherwise you may find yourself locked away so some doctor and hospital can benefit from your crisis. After-all, your treatment is in their hands. Research any and everyone dealing with your treatment because these are the people that are dealing with your heads and a mind is a terrible thing to waste. God Bless.


Copyright 2010. All rights reserved to Paedams.

Marvin Gaye suffered from depression due to being raised, abused and eventually murdered by a cross dressing father. It has been speculated Marvin himself provoked his murder (Assisted Suicide) in order to stop suffering from depression and the problems it brought to his life.

Barbara Bush ,Princess Diana,Janet Jackson,Marlon Brando,Natalie Cole,Tim Burton,Ann Magaret,Drew Barrymore


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